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I think there might be three businesses that have large outdoor displays (the same type as far as I can see) which show an alternating display of time and temperature.

They’ve been in place for a few years, and as far as I can tell are manually set – the time is not always correct, and come the days of adjustment to take account of BST (British Silly Time) or its equally Dopey cousin (DST), you’d better not be dependent on any them, at least not before somebody in any of the companies concerned remembers it’s THEIR job to set and check them.


Usually more reliable is their temperature display, generally as accurate as might be expected, probably because it has no dependence on regular human intervention.

However, heading into Rutherglen last night, I noticed that one of them was lying, or there was something terribly wrong with me, since I was thinking things had recently become rather cold.

Far from being 13°C last night, an optimistic 3°C for a sensor bolted to a box bolted to a building might have been possible, although the reading from a properly isolated outdoor sensor would have been somewhat closer to freezing.

This one has either failed completely and is indicating whatever it feels like, or has some fault in its display driver, and is illuminating the two segments for the decimal ‘1’, and appearing to add 10°C  to the correct reading.

Don’t believer it if you see it – It’s LYING!

Rutherglen Lies 3 Not 13

Rutherglen Lies 3 Not 13

FYI Although not legible in this long distance pic, the wording below the red-hot readout are for John Hillhouse Properties.

Oh! There’s a coincidence. The same details can be seen on the board to the right.


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