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Rutherglen Christmas lights

I was too early when I passed through Rutherglen last week, with the hardware installed for Christmas, but still to be turned on.

Better luck this time.

Rutherglen West Christmas

Rutherglen West Christmas

(I chopped the bottom off this pic as all the drivers seemed unable to use their handbrakes, and the sea of red brake lights ruined the pic – and this junction never seemed to clear of vehicles).

It’s not that long since I had to resort to trickery to get this pic (taken from the Main Street, behind the sign, and then reversed to get the words round the right way).  I also couldn’t really have taken it from the viewpoint that gave this pic.

Wandering along the Main Street found the official Christmas tree, and this seems to be set to follow the practice of just hanging the lights from the top, rather than  wrapping them around the tree.

Rutherglen Christmas Tree

Rutherglen Christmas Tree

A little further along, and momentarily diverted by LOTS of Christmas trees and lights – at a guess, this shop probably sells them.

Rutherglen Christmas Trees

Rutherglen Christmas Trees

A look back as we leave, but still getting a welcome.

Rutherglen East Christmas

Rutherglen East Christmas

Maybe I should grab video – those light string across the road continuously fade in and out, but look as if they are static lights in still pics.

I’m never too happy with video, as it comes out OK, but eats time if you start fiddling with it.


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