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Changeable weather – but Glasgow Green was nice a few days ago

While I’m not the world’s greatest fan of panorama shots (or anything other than a good plain reasonably honest photograph), there are occasions when a wider view (devoid of any gimmicks) can still be appreciated.

Standing near Nelson’s thingy, I thought the view looked decent enough to chance grabbing a series of shots, just to see how they might come out when stitched together for a… panorama!

The result turned out to be quite pleasing, and takes you from the old fish market, or Briggait (obscured by flats, but you can see the clock tower), all the way to Templeton’s.

And I spotted enough mistakes in it to have benefited from the exercise too.

While I had enough shots to fix it, I also learned something to watch for at the planning stage – don’t do this when a cyclist is hurrying across the view, unless you want to have twins or triplets in view.

As this is a little bit wide, you’ll have to click on the thumbnail for the full size view.

Glasgow Green Pano

Glasgow Green Pano


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