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Winter elves are east end council gardeners

One of the strange things that happens in the east end of Glasgow is the care and maintenance of public parks.

Although there are times when I can be waking through some of them on an almost daily basis, I’ve almost never seen anyone actually working in them. The closest I usually get is sightings of piles of cut branches, or piles of chippings which show where chain saws have been in use.

There’s an example of this below, which I collected in a sortie to the shops, after the recent snap freeze we ‘enjoyed’.

While the rest of us were frozen in our homes, and the temperature plunged to -9 deg C (at least), it seems the council’s gardening elves were making the most of the quiet paths, and getting lots of work done (wonder if they a bonus for working in ‘freezing conditions’?) while nobody was watching.

Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting

Lest I be misrepresented as mocking our council gardeners, quite the opposite.

I’m actually quite grateful to them for their winter ‘advice’, and have now taken to catching all the odd tidy jobs over the late autumn, winter, and early spring periods (weather permitting), and getting to watch all my neighbours labouring to do what I had done during the period when the green stuff was NOT GROWING!

This was also a test of the ‘new’ compact camera (I really should carry the ‘old’ one for comparison shots) and proved surprising.

I’ve learnt how to leave some automation to the camera, and just forget about those aspects altogether, while I control a few key factors.

In this case, I was surprised that my (as yet untried) settings worked first time – yet when I flipped the switch and allowed the camera to make ALL the settings for the same scene, it failed totally. It wouldn’t autofocus, and when I forced it to take a shot, it couldn’t even meter the scene.

And that was odd, as I had tried this previously, and while it wasn’t as good as my semi-manual efforts, it did at least work.

I need to RTFM closer, but the detailed version has 402 pages (admittedly small pages), and that’s… boring.


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