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The Dipstick – Rutherglen

I’m not sure when this old sign was revealed, but a check on Google Earth and Street View suggests it has not been seen for years, and probably only came into view in the past year or so. Google’s views don’t show it, but only go back to 2008.

It’s to the right of the auto shop

Interestingly, this smaller shop was once PH Components (visible in the older Street View images).

You can get an idea of the vintage of the old dipstick sign from the phone number, which uses the original 041 Glasgow code, rather than the later 0141 version, introduced when the numbers were revised in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Yes, that first ‘I’ IS as dipstick.

I might add that this is another late-night low-light shot, despite looking like daylight at first glance, and the bright light casting a shadow from the left is actually coming from the many floodlights Dunlop’s have running next door.

The Dipstick Rutherglen

The Dipstick Rutherglen

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