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Scottish thrift at its best

Just spotted this afternoon.


Who asks for a discount in a CHARITY shop?

(I’m assuming the sign is not referring to some good-hearted haggling which is probably fair game for special, unique, or ambitiously priced rarities).

I’ve found it hard enough to get a deal on anything that doesn’t cost a fortune, and for stuff that costs only a few pounds, or even pennies, it seems to be a pretty pointless exercise.

It probably says more about the people ASKING than it does about anything else.

Probably another group I’d rather not share air with!

Dogs Trust Sign

Dogs Trust Sign

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The van in the square


It’s hard to describe how bright the lights around this van parked in George Square were.

It’s not the first van I’ve spotted with bright LEDs tacked on, there was another nearby, but it had a reason, being a lorry-sized recovery vehicle (and at work, trying to get a dead bus off the road).

Van Lit Front

Van Lit Front

In the US, this would have ‘FREE CANDY’ or painted on the side, and be parked in a dark corner. (Kidding!)

Free Candy

Free Candy


Van Lit Rear

Van Lit Rear

In ‘my day’ it didn’t take much by way of alteration to find the police paying attention, yet there seem to be quite a few highly visible vehicles pootling around Glasgow, with lighting which clearly does not comply with any vehicle or mounting regulations, will not carry any conformity marking, and are dazzling. (I’m not making that complaint about this one, just noting it).

There was a time when daring to have any blue lights on your car would earn you a ‘pull’ and maybe even court, accused of attempting to impersonate a police vehicle. I recall an early case where one lad ended up with this problem merely for having illuminated washer jets on his bonnet, since they lit up blue.

Now it seems this is ignored, which seems a bit odd, given that a look at the news from the past year will show that there are now actual cases where criminals have fitted blue lights with the intent of impersonating police to force drivers to stop, on quiet roads, where they are then assaulted and robbed.

Again, be clear this is NOT directed at this bit of car (or van) spotting, which just reminded of some other things.

I think it’s shame we’ve ‘advanced’ to the stage where customising is now largely sneered on in this country.

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Not one, but two MGs

It’s been a while since the sight of one (post Chinese buyout) MG I didn’t look at closely moved me to note that there are few to be seen.

It took me by surprise, and I was hurrying home loaded with ‘goodies’, and couldn’t really stop, so missed the opportunity.

After that, I realised how rare the sighting had been.

I haven’t seen another since, until…

I spotted a new MG3 just along the road, after heading out to the shops, so grabbed a quick pic.

First MG3

First MG3

But things got more interesting.

Only twenty minutes later I caught another one – TWO in the one day!

Second MG6

Second MG6

Looking at the registration and colour, I’m almost sure this is the same car I saw when I missed the chance of that first catch, and noticed I hadn’t seen many, or any.

The MG6 is kind of interesting, as it’s a relative of the Rover 75, and shares at least the subframe, if my memory is working. You’d have to read the history of the whole Chinese connection to be sure though.

It was dropped from the UK in 2016 (but is still sold elsewhere).

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