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Greenoakhill surprise

I often say that all I have to do is stop walking or visiting somewhere, and things will start to happen there as soon as my back is turned.

Proven true yet again…

I used to walk around Daldowie fairly often, which meant walking along the road past Greenoakhill, a long-established quarry and landfill site. According to (some) locals, the smell from this facility blighted the area and made it unlivable.

Oh wait… I am a local (lifetime) and never smelt a thing I’d have blamed on the landfill. BUT I did smell all the nearby farms, and at muck-spreading time… according to the farmers, if I can smell anything, then there’s something wrong with my nose!

It’s some time since I was here, but the last time I passed I did spot some tiny earth moving machines had arrived at this very corner, and had simply burst through the existing fencing to get onto the land (there was new temporary security fencing in place). But there was no indication of what was going to happen, and work had not really started, so no guessing.

This greeted me today, all done and dusted.

Greenoakhill Hamilton Road

Greenoakhill Hamilton Road

For those who know the area, the Mailcoach lies to the left.

At the time, I was grumpy, as you can just about see the latch on the gate has a padlock fitted (but there is a reason).

Getting in a bit closer, we can identify this new creation.

Greenoakhill Sign

Greenoakhill Sign

A quick review of the location reveals this is the first phase to open on the restored site, with newly planted trees, paths and benches.

Visitors are now invited and welcome to wander through the newly planted woodland overlooking the banks of the River Clyde, spot birds and butterflies, and enjoy being in on the start of an exciting project.

This gate is actually the service and maintenance entrance for the site, hence the lock and lack of public access.

I’ll get back for a proper look as soon as I can, unfortunately I live where this gate would make a most convenient access point, and both of the official public access point lie on routes that double the distance as they mean passing the gates while going towards them, and then having to double back to get to them.

Once I’ve seen it properly for myself, I’ll do a proper post with links, pics, and whatever.

I’ve watched various phases of this recovery being completed over the years, and even lost friends in heated exchanges after pointing out the work, which they claimed was bogus, would never happen, and was some sort of conspiracy organised solely for the benefit of the landfill owner, so that he could pocket the money and leave the land derelict and dead.

Well, it’s nice to be right, but… 😦


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