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Parking? Legislation? Enforcement?

I must clear some old stuff I have cluttering my desktop, which has been trapped there by lack of time, or other developments not in my control. Just saying this in case some stuff seems really odd – compared to usual oddness.

I keep looking at this damned image I created almost exactly a year ago to the day, which was inspired by spotting the scene in a local street, and being very irritated by some people who want to waste everybody’s time by creating MORE parking laws.

As usual, I expect to be misrepresented, since I am (apparently) actively failing to support people who (claim to) want to ensure free passage for pedestrian, pram-pushers, and wheelchair users (it’s great to be able to claim to be standing up for those groups, isn’t it).

But the sad reality is that we ALREADY have an assortment of laws governing parking, and even when vehicles may or may not be on the footpath.

The problem is not a LACK of legislation, but a failure to enforce what we already have.

Having more/new laws introduced may allow some smug activist to stand up and say “LOOK WHAT I DID!”.

But it will NOT improve anything as they will not have improved enforcement, or advice.

Like 90 out of 100 people driving with a mobile phone in their hand while driving, only the 10 who are caught are affected by the law, and things carry on just as before, no matter how the law is toughened.

In this case, we have very narrow streets in this community, even though it was designed in the 1960s and built in the 1970s.

Despite this, most folk manage to get on and make it work.

Normally, as per the car on the left and bus on the right, residents use the pavement(usually after their drives are filled), which still only leaves enough space for traffic on the road to move in single file.

Imagine if tough new legislation confiscated vehicles or imprisoned drivers unless they parked with all four wheels on the road.

Thanks to the road planners and designers, there would be no space, unless more legislation was brought in to enforce parking on one side of the road only.

The only time we tend to see any real difficulties here are not from selfish residents (and there are sadly some), but when traders, delivery drivers, and visitors arrive, as per the white van on the left (a stranger who I would happily see being issued with a fine for blocking almost the whole width of the footpath – driver has parked facing oncoming traffic, on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, and has not even been considerate enough to fold in his mirror, thereby effectively blocking the WHOLE footpath for some) and the lorry at centre rear, but I wouldn’t want to see him fined for just doing his job in difficult circumstances – he will be gone after a short delay.

I guess I’m just saying ‘Knee Jerk Legislation’ is not a solution. Ever. (Then again, ever seen a politician think?)

In fact, as a solution, it’s about as useful as our local MP making an appearance and knocking on doors at election time, then vanishing again. (I’m not kicking our local MP, who is accessible, I just find the ‘meet and greet’ aspect during elections to be a laughable and pointless custom).



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