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Smoke and Mist in Cambuslang

A lucky spot (for me) recently as I caught this view of Cambuslang over the old Caledonian railway viaduct at Carmyle.

I don’t usually see anything like the smoke (maybe mostly water vapour) coming off the industrial area near Cambuslang, or even the mist over the background. But a chance wander in the area let me catch this view.

Cambuslang Smokey Mist

Cambuslang Smokey Mist

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Community buyout of Ulva wins backing

I mention a lack of little island stories recently, so they start to appear!

I did notice that Ulva had been put up for offer last year, at which time the story was of six residents being interested.

The story has been updated, with news that:

Almost two thirds of residents have backed a community buyout plan for the Inner Hebridean island of Ulva.

Only six people, including the landowner, live on Ulva but the ballot included residents of Mull.

The North West Mull Community Woodland Company (NWMCWC), which is behind the bid, launched the poll last month.

It confirmed 255 of the 401 eligible to vote (63.6%) took part in the ballot to determined the future of the island, which has been valued at £4.2m.

Of those who voted by noon on Monday, 163 residents backed the buyout (63.9%) while 91 opposed the plan.

One ballot was spoiled.

The postal poll was ordered by the Scottish government and organised by Electoral Reform Services.

Roseanna Cunningham, cabinet secretary for land reform, will now decide whether to trigger the Right to Buy in light of the result and a business plan that has been put together by NWMCWC.

Via Residents back £4.2m community buyout plans for island

Notably, the present tenants have no security of tenure as their leases expired last November and the lease on the Boathouse restaurant expires in June.

NWMCWC (North West Mull Community Woodland Company ) has acknowledged it faces a major task to revitalise Ulva and said housing, agriculture, forestry and tourism must be developed in a carefully-phased manner to make up for the lack of investment in recent decades.

Ulva House

Ulva House

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The illegals – REM 11M

While I enjoy having a light-hearted spotting of the surprisingly numerous illegally prepared number plates, and their longevity – it seems that unlike the traffic police seen on the various TV programmes, our own police north of the Border seem to be largely uninterested in this particular flavour of naughtiness.

This is a bit of a poke in the eye for the conspiracy theorists, as one of their favourite rants is against the police, and how they employ any means of automatically raising money while having no interest in policing. Naughty plates don’t register on ANPR systems, and they’re missing an easy take of up to £1,000 for each plate offence as well.

God forbid good honest conspiracy theorists might be wrong (or deranged), but…

If you follow the media, then you might also have noticed that various sources have decided to start 2018 by highlighting illegally prepared number plates, and have almost been wetting themselves with joy at headlining the £1,000 fine for such offences.

I’ve read a few of these recently, some apparently promoted by insurance companies, and keen to point out that such plates are also MOT failures when found during VOSA inspections.

Of course, if you drive a car without a valid MOT, then the small print in your insurance usually means that even if fully paid up, your insurance is cancelled/void, and not valid either, so you are driving with insurance and MOT.

This Express article is typical of what was being copied and repeated by bloggers who just cut-and-paste the work of others:

Number plate mistakes that could see you fail your MOT and land you £1,000 fine

Conveniently, this handy example drove past just as I was about to tap this post out.

Suzuki [REM 11M]

Suzuki [REM 11M]

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Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day

14 January is Dress Up Your Pet Day.

I don’t know quite where I stand on this one – when it’s done well, and the cat (or pet) is happy to play, then I guess it’s fine, but there are some that don’t want to know.

Still, sometimes that’s even funnier than the good ones, some just freeze or go into a trance, and others seem unable to balance or coordinate when dressed up.

Like some cats’ response to being taken for walk on a lead, humans should take the hint – while they’re still out of hospital.

NO! (Human… They will NEVER find your body parts when I am finished with you).

Grumpy Fashion

Grumpy Fashion

And the next time I see you approach me holding anything that looks even remotely like a skirt…

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