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The brilliant Austin Brexit

Nothing to do with the politics, but this is a bit of a gem.

While the poor little Allegro gets a lot of stick now that it is history, I did know one person who had one when the type was current, and even got the occasional trip in it.

Over the few years we were neighbours, his supposedly unreliable and horrible little car never missed a beat.

It WAS quirky, so I can see how those who are sheep-brained conformists would have hated it.

Austin Brexit

Austin Brexit

(Seen on imgur, noted before it disappears.)

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The illegals – C9 RYF (hybrid illegal? Or perhaps Schroedinger’s Number Plate)

Collecting registrations, and the side sport of spotting illegal number plates is usually straightforward – but not this time.

After yesterday’s post that noted the recent media-frenzy that fed on its sudden realisation that it could end/start the years 2017/2018 with a lovely ‘gloom and doom’ story for some (with dire warning of £1,000 fines), I came across an enigma.

I thought I’d just passed a boring and mundane registration, of no obvious interest.

Seat Ibiza Legal Rear [C9 RYF]

Seat Ibiza Legal Rear [C9 RYF]

But, when I turned around to look back at the junction I’d just crossed, there was a surprise.

Multiple offences appeared!

Illegal spacing plus some sort of odd graphic on the left, which does not appear to be one of the approved national or regional flags. Worth adding it’s not a mistake – while I’m not going into detail (although this is in clear public view) there are more details shown on the plate than seen here.

Legal rear, illegal front – a Hybrid! Hopefully pulled by the police from the rear (they do tend to do that, rather than pull ahead and force a stop these days), they’ll see the legit rear plate and not take a walk around to the front.

Also known as Schroedinger’s Number Plate (after Schroedinger’s Cat) since it is both legal and illegal at the same time 🙂

In my day, when we still had ‘Tax Disks’, the front of the car was always examined in detail during a stop, so they could have a good look at the tax disk, checking not only its validity, but also that it was not a forgery, or an old beer bottle label, which could look similar from a distance, if it was the right brand.

Seat Ibiza Illegal Front Plate [C9RYF]

Seat Ibiza Illegal Front Plate [C9 RYF]

Next time I get over that way, I must find out what that graphic is, and kick myself for missing it first time around.

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Old Carmyle viaduct gets new LED floodlighting

Wandering past the old derelict Caledonian railway viaduct at Carmyle, it was hard not to miss the new floodlights which seem to have been installed recently, going by the freshness of the support poles and electrical control box nearby. Two similar lights have been installed across the river, on the Cambuslang side. The lights themselves are LED, also confirming that they are new.

Given the condition of the viaduct and warning signs plus barriers to anyone trying to access it, it really has decayed and the platform area is full of holes, I’m almost surprised to see the addition of these lights, as opposed to seeing the crossing being demolished.

It’s a shame they didn’t think it would have been a better idea to add a safe walkway over the old platform, and an access stairway at the Cambuslang end, which was demolished and comes to an end in mid-air. You’d have to climb up, or jump down, if you tried to access it.

It would be a very handy foot or bike crossing of the river, especially since the Fire centre was built a few years ago, and blocked much of the river access routes.

Although I’ve been nearby in the evening (dark enough at this time of year to have this lighting on), when the surrounding public/council lighting was switched on, none of the viaduct lighting was on.

Carmyle Viaduct Floodlighting

Carmyle Viaduct Floodlighting

If I don’t see it on soon, then this is somewhere I’m unlikely to be when it’s dark enough, and it will be autumn before I get the opportunity.

Over on the Cambuslang side.

Carmyle Viaduct Cambuslang Floodlights

Carmyle Viaduct Cambuslang Floodlights

I took a quick climb up onto the viaduct, or its approach at least.

Last time I was here, the local had sawn through the fence and bent the railing back to allow access, but it seems this has all been repaired, with the cuts welded shut, and additional heavier gauge steel bar welded in place horizontally.

That’s not barbed wire – that’s razor wire.

Carmyle Viaduct Barrier

Carmyle Viaduct Barrier

Poking the camera through the fence, the platform or deck can be seen.

Yup… MORE razor wire.

(I wonder who cuts the grass there?) 😉

It was once an interesting way to cross the river.

I really think they should install a pedestrian crossing over this.

A nice walkway could be dropped on the old deck, with some more floodlighting.

Carmyle Viaduct Deck

Carmyle Viaduct Deck

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