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5,000+ Scots need to be told the reality about PeTA

It’s some years since I was put straight on the shocking truth hidden behind PeTA’s (People for the ethical Treatment of  Animals) apparently admirable front.

This came about by accident, from my opinion that so-called celebrities are a waste of skin, after I noticed how many celebrities are attached to PeTA and get loads of free publicity by ‘donating’ their image to the organisation, usually at the head of some sensationalist shock campaign.

Far from protecting animals, it seems PeTA likes to kill them once it (or some celebrity) has got the publicity (money) shot.

It likes to do this indirectly too, by convincing its followers to feed their pets a vegan diet. At best this makes them ill, at worst it kills them, as carnivores need their proper diet to get all the nutrients they need.

And PeTA is not only disgusting, hypocritical, and celebrity oriented. It dangerous, as it happily funds violent activists who have no qualms about the methods they use, or are willing to trains others to use.

They don’t even rate my ‘Green Looney’ award. GLs may be looney, but they’re not usually rabid or deadly with it.

If you are easily offended, then Penn & Teller’s style of presentation is probably not for you, otherwise, it’s better than embarrassment to Scotland Alan Cumming’s sadly misguided stunt Alan Cumming sends council vegan caviar in Peta protest which has apparently helped dupe some 5,000 well-meaning, but probably mostly ill-informed Scots sign a petition.


DON’T refer to ANY PeTA produced propaganda – go find out what other have to say.

I don’t think I have EVER come across an animal shelter (that cares) that has even referred to PeTA.

Just a sample of the numbers extracted from records in the US:

PeTA Ethics

PeTA Ethics


PeTA 2014

PeTA 2014


PeTA Reality

PeTA Reality



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Probably low priority – but these people SHOULD be caught

There are two things that come to mind every time I see a story  such as noted below – that the person(s) concerned are likely to remain unidentified; and that I’ve read too many reports that suggest actions such as this are practice (conscious or unconscious) for moving on to children.

These are people who should be turned in to protect others.

In nice quiet Fintry, a pet tabby went out one night (16th) and failed to return as usual.

Next day, the owner found  their pet shaved, covered in blood, and crying in a street, having had the fur removed from its legs, belly, and back.

The incident is being investigated by the Scottish SPCA.

No mention of the police being involved, but they should be.

Via Owner finds crying cat shaved and covered in blood

And Blood-soaked cat found shaved and cut in Dundee

Maybe we should be following the US, and employ professional cat walkers.

Cat Walker

US Pro Cat Walker

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Wandering along the Clyde

If you’ve ever wondered about what you might find if you wander along the untamed sections of the banks of the River Clyde, then I can probably tell you – not much.

I’m discounting things such as historic or built features, or more likely their remains, since they can be found in references or other documents, and hunted down, or referred to in various guides.

I’m thinking more of oddities that don’t rate inclusion in such esteemed sources, or stuff that may just have ended up down there, for whatever reason.

Some of the walking there is not too bad, with little more than loose debris and undergrowth underfoot, but there are sections where running water has dug out deep ruts in the ground, some is just muddy and sloppy, and some areas are just impassable where trees, roots, and branches have gathered to form a wall.

The only way past is to climb back inland and go around, before returning to the riverbank – progress can be slow.

This view (click for bigger) looks passable from here, but once you reach the tree in the background, the tangle of debris on the ground behind is just too deep to gain footing, and your leg just goes through it and progress is all but halted.

Clyde Riverbank

Clyde Riverbank

There are some oddities, such as the scene below, where a row of pipes and metal posts has been hammered into the ground – but there’s no obvious reason or purpose.

Unless you know better.

Clyde Riverbank Odd Poles

Clyde Riverbank Odd Poles

The round grey poles are old scaffolding poles with threaded ends, similar to some I have in my own garden, driven into the ground to act as tall fence supports.

The rusty flat sections are similar to fence supports in my garden, but for a low metal fence that marked the border of the field that used to lie on the other side.

These examples appear to be stuck into the ground upside down.

The flat plates are normally buried about a foot (30 cm) deep, to provide a ground anchor for the metal post they are attached to, since the thin post would be easily dislodged on its own. The large area of the plate means the fence can’t just be pushed over easily, and provides a solid foundation once earth has been packed around it.

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More Clyde finds

It’s a long time since I found anything interesting while wandering anywhere along the banks of the River Clyde (not counting Buckfast bottles and similar).

Most stuff is just rubbish, dropped or blown in upriver, but some is more interesting.

Last time I tripped over a pair of waders it was winter, but that time they were buried in snow – this time it was easier.

Lost Waders

Lost Waders

The next one, not much further along the same stretch of riverbank, needed a bit of prior knowledge to identify, otherwise it would have been easy to miss, or get really sore fingers if trying to pick up.

Lost in mud until I happened to step on it, and scraped some off, another ground mark to go with the first one I found some years ago.

Clyde Ground Mark

Clyde Ground Mark

Still further along, this was a bit more interesting, and more of a mystery.

I can understand somebody dropping/forgetting waders, but how does a heavy glass juicer come to be lying on the flooded part of the bank. Hardly rare, but the design is vintage, around the 1950s or so. And I already have one (without chips) buried away in a cupboard.


Found Juicer

Found Juicer

I did get lucky later, while poking around a low area of riverbank that had a lot of broken tree trunks and branches caught when it floods. I was trying to picture how high the water must be when this happen, and the circumstances. I’ve seen the river running fast and high in the past, but still nowhere near the level needed to cut the channels I was looking at, or deposit the substantial pieces of tree I was looking at.


But I did find a handy toolbox, devoid of contents, not that old, not broken by its trip along the river, still with some bits of fishing tackle attached, so unlike the juicer, at least I know how it came to end up where it lay.



I’ve always wished there was more to find, but I guess the river doesn’t really run close enough to sufficiently populated places before it reached the east end of Glasgow means there is much being caught or lost to make it more than occasionally interesting.


Almost forgot, from a couple of weeks earlier…

Would you believe an apparently brand new and unused generic turbine brush for use with a vacuum cleaner?

Apart from a splash of mud which rinsed off, a look at the white bristles of the rotating brush showed not a spot of dirt caught in them.

Generic Turbine Brush

Generic Turbine Brush

Well, that seems to be it for my stretch – guess it will be another five years before it’s worth having another look.

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Kids never had it so good

Still more marvellous aids for keeping tiny humans happy.

And this one will keep the folk who worry about them getting tangled in cords and similar happy too.

I wonder…

Could they make a larger version, for troublesome teens and yoofs?

These could be uprated and filled with lead or DU (depleted uranium) for the lesser offenders.

Or upgraded with uranium or plutonium for the more serious or repeat offender.

With compulsory swimming lessons added for anyone breaking the terms of things such as curfews.

Toddler Tamers

Toddler Tamers

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A positive drone story slipped through the media censor net

In a double first, authorities are claiming the drone-assisted rescue seen in the video below is a ‘World First.

I’d say it’s a double because this must be one of the few drone stories reported by the media with any sort of positive aspect.

It’s also notable that I found this as a Guardian report, as source often mocked for not being part of the rabid media.

It would take too long to list the usual complaints and whining noises heard when drones are featured in the media, and usually grossly misrepresented, since the problem is generally not the drone as such, but some moron who has it under their ‘control’.

I sadly doubt this marks a change though, and the media will continue to home in on those who suffer from drone-phobia, and it will be business as usual for those who just want to shoot them down if they see one, or imagine they see them about to collide with their jet (but never have evidence, apart from the one ‘hit’ that turned out to be a plastic bag when inspected on the ground).

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Another street box reveal

Outside my ‘comfort zone’ this time, I find the need to appeal to ‘someone who knows better’ to explain this one fully.

Devoid of its cover, I came across this fairly common small street box, which on this occasion proves to be some sort of terminal box.

The only problem being that I’ve never come across some of the hardware hidden within.

While there’s a fairly obvious IDC (insulation displacement connector) block with the usual wiring punched into it (and going to individual street addresses), less obvious (for me) is the crusty alloy distribution block with numerous screw-in connectors.

From this angle I don’t recognise the connector types, or the block they are screwed into.

Following the relevant cables is even more puzzling, as they terminate in larger screw-in connectors that look exactly like hydraulic connection I use in my garage.

At a guess, it’s some sort of demultiplexer, separating encoded signals from an incoming carrier, and then feeding the demultiplexed signals to individual addresses, but I don’t know what their carrying. There’s no owner or contact details given for emergency or service. Phone, Internet, cable, or other?

So, if you’re familiar with this lot, please give us a clue as to just what we are looking at.

Street Box Revealed

Street Box Revealed

While it’s nowhere near the above, this is a similar box, but still complete with lid.

Street Box

Street Box

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The missing cat archive

All I know about this one is that it is old, which is a bit of a shame.

I mention this often, in the hope that people putting up lost/missing cat posters might see it, and take note of the problem of such posters if they are not waterproof, or get forgotten.

I saw a few of these around the same area of Rutherglen I was wandering around, but they were all weather-beaten and as unreadable as this example.

Sad to say, I’ve still only seen one case where a lucky owner went around and was able to replace the ‘Missing’ posters with ‘Thank you’.

Rutherglen Missing Cat

Rutherglen Missing Cat

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The illegals – JOI 7781

Clever, but still naughty.

I guess JO wanted a personal plate, and decided the potential £1,000 fine would be worth it for this one.

This BMW 630i Sport Auto is also a pretty good example of what can go wrong in seconds when taking pics on the move at night.

When I took the first shot I thought the camera had stalled, as passing traffic had disappeared, along with their headlights, and the camera decided to hold the shutter open – for a long time. The weird trails were recorded when I moved too soon, as I thought the shutter should have closed sooner than it did.

I’m not so sure why the colour went weird, but guess this is simply down to the overhead sodium (yellow) street lights taking over after the white headlights disappeared.

I knew this was going to be rubbish, and managed a second to save the shot.

The car IS grey.

Shettleston BMW [JOI 7781]

Shettleston BMW [JOI 7781]

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