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Now I can add foxbutt to my collection

I shouldn’t really be surprised at this, but after catbutt comes foxbutt.

Foxes are pretty common of course, but they are wary, and even though I see quite a few while out at night, when they see me they don’t hang about and scuttle off immediately. There isn’t even a ‘stare down’, they just GO.

Far from grabbing a stealthy pic, I don’t even get the chance to move and dip into my pocket for a camera.

The snowy weather has provided plenty of evidence of their presence, as their paw prints cross just about every patch of snow, but they’re seldom seen.

So, I got a surprise early this morning, as one must have been heading home as it got light, and it wandered across my back garden.

Not hanging about of course, by the time I slipped over to the stores and drew a camera plus long lens, it was on its way out.

But it still knew I was there, so the usual result…

And a perfect FOXBUTT was added to the collection.



Thank goodness I took up digital pic processing – I used to just take what I got regardless.

The original of this pic (which is cropped from a larger view) was all grey, as if captured in mist or fog.

I’m almost surprised it even came out, as these cold morning mean my windows have a film of condensation over them, but I now know how to edit such things out.

I was more worried that the autofocus would get hung up on that film, instead of the subject, as there would not have been time to switch to manual and pull the focus.

But it did the job.

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