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The Doomsday Clock is now at 2 minutes to midnight

It’s some years since I started watching The Doomsday Clock, and it was a little known finger on the pulse of how close we were to the ‘End of the World’.

It’s come to be better known today, so I seldom think about mentioning it, but since it has gone from moving slowly backwards and further from midnight, the past few years have been increasingly depressing, and far from the 17 minutes to midnight we once ‘enjoyed’, as per the title the clock has now advanced to be a mere 2 minutes from midnight.

I wonder how much of this advance is down to the ‘Orange Moron’?

See The Doomsday Clock Timeline

Doomsday Clock Summary

Doomsday Clock Summary

Via Doomsday Clock moved to just 2min to ‘apocalypse’

Who would have thought…

Having lived through the Cold War – anyone would be thinking it would be nice to be back in those days?

Seriously, at least we didn’t have two clearly mentally unstable nut jobs in control of nuclear weapons (and one who has no understanding of climate change and is actively thwarting attempts to reign it in), while another superpower leader is effectively sitting on the sidelines, and would appear to be happy to let the idiots fight it out, and wait to just step in and take over as neither would be able to offer any effective resistance.

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I should buy a cat

Resistance is futile, especially against that face, so this story just has to get a mention.

Grumpy Bargain

Grumpy Bargain

The owners of a cat made famous online because of its permanent scowl have been awarded $710,000 (ÂŁ500,000) in a case by a California federal court.

Grumpy Cat Limited sued the owners of US coffee company Grenade for exceeding an agreement over the cat’s image.

The company only had rights to use the cat to sell its “Grumppuccino” iced drink, but sold other Grumpy products.

Via Grumpy Cat wins $710,000 payout in copyright lawsuit



Still Grumpy 🙂

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

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A couple of dark Glasgow lanes

I decided to play with a couple of pics taken in Glasgow one night, neither of which seemed to deliver what I’d seen.

The first was shot down a lane off Mitchell Lane, and I only noticed the panda mural later.

This one was really aimed at the staff who had wandered down it as they finished a disgusting ‘Smoke Break’ and were stinking the place out.

The shot reminded me of the fail such captures can have when there are bright sources sharing the same view, and even small ones (like the central floodlight shining along the lane) can knock back the exposure and lose all the detail. In this case I started off with a fine view of the barber’s on the left, and cute bright spot in the middle (and the bonus panda light by the barber’s).

Getting smarter, I tried knocking back the highlights, the boosting the shadows, and was pleasantly surprised to find detail had been caught.

There is actually a lot more to be recovered than I chose to bring up in this edit, mainly because it showed more details, but also ruined the contrast, losing any semblance of black and rendering the scene very unnatural. Fine if that was the aim, but not this time.

Glasgow Lane With Panda Off Mitchell Lane

Glasgow Lane With Panda Off Mitchell Lane

This one…

This one is just kind of disappointing.

Glasgow Springfield Court Night

Glasgow Springfield Court Night

I’ve tried a lot with it, but it just doesn’t look right.

I’ve levelled it, corrected perspective, cropped out distractions (but it was so busy then I could not a clear view with no bodies in front of it), and altered the lighting levels, again to maintain some black – but it just doesn’t feel right, to my eye at least.

I think part of the problem is the fact that the building either side of the lane are actually offset, so there’s a permanent lack of balance, so even levelled, it still looks slightly skewed.

Oh well.

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Is the Rhindsdale Tavern Baillieston’s next departer?

I’ve been noticing the departure of one or two fairly long-established ‘faces’ in Baillieston recently, and after being taken a little by surprise when the Circle Bar departed from the Main Street (to be replaced by some general store franchise or other), I thought I’d get in with an earlier observation speculating on the Rhindsdale Tavern.

This has been shuttered for some weeks now – at least going by my visits there, which have been more widely spaced than they used to be.

The place used to be very noticeable, with various events and live performers until a few weeks ago, belting numbers out of the open door into the street, it was hard to miss.

Now it’s cold, dark, and silent whenever I do make it over that way.

Baillieston Rhindsdale Tavern

Baillieston Rhindsdale Tavern

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