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In the dark dark distance… Cambuslang

Fortunately, just missing the snow (not necessarily a good thing for night shots, depending on what you are looking for) I collected a few shots of Cambuslang in the dark, and added some more tools to the low light box.

2oo mm is never going to be handheld in the dark, so it’s time to add the skill of finding something, ANYTHING, solid to brace or lean against. This means even a long lens can catch a shot demanding time in the order of 2 seconds, even at high ISO.

So far I’ve failed totally to remember the manufacturer’s instructions to DISABLE all the anti-shake goodies, but I can’t find evidence of that causing visible problems, even in close examination of the original.

The closest notable subject in these pics is probably the high flats, about 1.4 km or 0.85 mile away.

Not here of course, but in the original pics that means people in those windows could be seen.

Cambuslang Night Time

Cambuslang Night Time

Although there was enough definition in these tests to allow the autofocus to work, I turned it off, as the distance meant that having a stab at something short of the ‘infinity’ setting was likely to work better.

The subject can’t really be seen in enough detail under these conditions, so a best guess, plus a few either side, are needed.

These came out better than others I’ve seen, even if having the aperture wide open means a reduced depth of field. But the long lens setting means that is less of a problem than it might be.

Cambuslang Night Time

Cambuslang Night Time

I’m not too unhappy with the results.

Probably the most important lesson is just how disruptive have a bright area can be, as the hills in the first shot (with no bright area in view) are quite well captured, while they’ve almost been lost (along with much of the background) completely in the second.

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