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Who would win?

One more, since we seem to be on a cat day.

If you’re not fast, you’re last!

Who Would Win

Who Would Win?

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A cat called Boris

I have no idea – just a pic (not mine) I got after the earlier post today.

Boris Cat Memorial 1996

Boris Cat Memorial 1996

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Missed by the BBC – Smudge!

Thanks to a hat-tip from our near silent followers, I was made aware of a nice cat-related story featured by the BBC:

Bureaucats: The felines with official positions

It’s a great article, and has brought a few characters to light which I’d never heard of.

If you’ve read the story of the CIA’s ‘Acoustic Kitty’ (which was NOT run over after the project ended), then you’ll not be surprised by the failure of the tale regarding the Belgian authorities, who in the 1870s recruited 37 cats to deliver mail via waterproof bags attached to their collars.

Yes, the Belgians clearly thought THAT through 🙂

But, sad to say, the story missed out Smudge, the People’s Palace cat.

Smudge Ceramic

Smudge Ceramic

Smudge was definitely part of the Bureaucatic system.

Smudge Memorial

Smudge Memorial

I’m NOT criticising the BBC for missing this one.

After all, when I visited the People’s Palace to find the memorial shown above, which is a paving stone visitors have to pass over in order to enter the north door of the Winter Gardens, not one of the staff had a clue where it was – which I thought was rather sad.

That said, anyone who was around at the time will also be aware of the departure of the then curator, when Smudge left with her, under circumstances which can best be described as gloomy, and Smudge’s memory was largely erased thanks to some sort of difference with the council. I’m aware if this as my mother was then in contact with the curator.

See ‘A strange decision‘ in this web site, which goes into more detail, and proves this is not my imagination:

Smudge, the Trade Union Cat. The People’s Palace Museum, Glasgow.

That seems to be long forgotten now, and I collected this during a recent visit to the People’s Palace.

Sadly, only a pic, and of an item I was completely unaware of, unlike the ceramic Smudge seen above, which I do own.

Smudge Mug 1990

Smudge Mug 1990

Display details.

Glasgow Peoples Palace Smudge Mug 1990 Description

Glasgow Peoples Palace Smudge Mug 1990 Description

I also kicked of a fairly extensive discussion here, some years ago.

Smudge, People’s Palace cat

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Patricia’s Paws

Just another from the shutter mural collection. This time seen in Tollcross.

This one’s worthy of mention since it has an apostrophe – sadly, often absent in such signs.

While I don’t think pink works in ANY outdoor sign, especially when dispensed in large areas, I think the rest of the art is much better than most, with recognisable caricatures and amusing rendering of the subjects, especially the face.

I wish whoever completed this one had been responsible for many others I’ve seen and collected, and I’d sleep better with fewer nightmares!

Patricias Paws Shutter Mural

Patricia’s Paws Shutter Mural

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