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Hill House project expected to begin in June

The project to erect a protective glass box around the Mackintosh Hill House in Helensburgh seems set to begin in June.

The National Trust for Scotland are appealing for donations so they can “box” the Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed Hill House in Helensburgh.

Assembly of the box is expected to begin in June this year, protecting the property from snow, rain and wind.

The construction project has already received £3m but another £1.5m is needed by spring to reach the target.

The project will mark the 150th anniversary of Mackintosh’s birth in the charity’s biggest ever appeal.

Via Appeal to see Rennie Mackintosh designed Hill House ‘boxed’

Hill House Enclosure Via NTS Image

Hill House Enclosure Via NTS Image


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Barr’s must be loving the panic buying triggered by the loonies

Barr’s revealed an expected 7.5% jump in group revenues for the year to 27 January.

I wonder if any of that can be attributed to the nut-jobs who were out panic-buying ‘old’ Irn Bru loaded with sugar before the new low-sugar potion displaces it?

There are some funny things I can understand, but the thought that there was any real point in buying a few bottles of fizzy water before an almost insignificantly different bottle of fizzy water replaced it… is just a bit outside even my offbeat sense of reality.

Then there were the claims that the new recipe contained non-sugar sweeteners that were little more than poisons, and responsible for almost 100 various illnesses.

With ever-restrictive regulations and what seems like ever reducing levels of permitted constituents in food products, that one seems bound for the nearest skip as well.

Irn Bru maker AG Barr has reported an “encouraging” response by consumers to the fizzy drink’s new low-sugar recipe.

The Scottish firm stopped making the original full-sugar version early last month ahead of the introduction of a new soft drinks sugar tax in April.

The move prompted a backlash, with fans stockpiling Irn Bru ahead of the recipe change.

But AG Barr said “extensive research and testing” had given it confidence that it had “an excellent taste match”.

The Cumbernauld-based firm added that while the response to its new formula had been encouraging, it acknowledged that it was still “early days”.

Via AG Barr: Response to new Irn Bru recipe ‘encouraging’

We’ll see for ourselves at the end of the year, as I bought my one annual bottle of ‘Bru’ before the original story broke, so it was ‘original.

The next one won’t arrive until I’m stocking up for Hogmanay… 2018!

Frozen Irn Bru

Chilly Irn Bru

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Catbutt was preceded by Fluffy Bum

While I wouldn’t seek to claim any great originality in coining the title ‘Catbutt’ for some of my pics, since it’s just about all the local feline population allows me to catch these days, I was a little surprised to find I had not come across another, similar, title.

I just found this other day, but a quick search online confirms it has been around for a few years, and ‘Fluffy Bum’ appears to be associated with comedian Spike Milligan, from one of his books, “Badjelly The Witch: A Fairy Story”, dating from 1973.

I’ve only seen a couple of illustrations online:

Fluffy Bum The Cat

Fluffy Bum The Cat

Catbutt Ooo

Catbutt Ooo

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Glasgow panda fun

Glasgow’s mural trail is now fairly well-known and seems to be a standard catch for anyone wandering around with a camera.

Most are fairly easy to find thanks to leaflets and features, and can be photographed easily, but I’ve noticed quite a few are slightly hidden down lanes, and his can make them hard to get a decent pic of. Either a wide-angle lens or equivalent is needed, or you might just try editing a pic taken looking into the lane.

I came across this one a while back, and it’s lit well enough by the nearby barber’s to take a decent pic.

Original Panda

Original Panda

But I had just grabbed this by chance when passing, and didn’t have an opportunity to try for something with better perspective.


Time to revert to a little editing, just to see what might come out.

Not the greatest of differences, but in this case the horizontal convergence wasn’t extreme, and there was virtually no vertical component.

Stretch Panda

Stretch Panda

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