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Bonus pic – The one that got away

Not entirely unexpected as these traps are really sensitive – banging on the same floor they are sitting on, if indoors, can set them off.

But I was still surprised to see the scene below this morning.

Mousey was actually still present on the other side, and beat it when I opened the trap.

This shows the problem, with a relatively huge gap under this outside door (fortunately on what might be described as porch or outhouse) which can’t be closed due to the shape of floor/ground.

A straight barrier was tried, for the door to close against, but after that had tried to kill a number of people on repeated occasions, as they tripped over this obstacle, it was removed.

I remember various hanging, flexible, seals that I saw fitted on badly fitting doors in Ye Goode Olde Days, but only got blank looks when I made enquiries.

The closest offered these days seems to be a spring-loaded brush strip that can be fitted along width of the bottom edge.

This would probably do the job – but the small matter that the biggest one on sale is less than half the height needed for this gap.

Still, inspired by this, I could maybe solve the problem with a pack of cheap paintbrushes from the Pound Shop, and just screw them to the bottom of the door.

You know… that joke doesn’t actually sound quite as silly as it did when it first occurred to me.

Mouse What Mouse?

Mouse What Mouse?

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