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Clearance for the Hip Hop Marionettes

Looks like somebody reads my posts AND takes my advice (I wish 🙂 ).

When I took some pics of the Hip Hop Marionettes mural in George Street a while ago, I complained about the ridiculously placed and intrusive advertising billboards sited in from them, ruining the view and destroying any chance of an easy and clean pic (or even view) of the mural.

George Street Mural Spoiled View

George Street Mural Spoiled View

A recent pass of the same place (while it was light) came with a surprise…

The mighty advert god had been felled, and the billboards were gone!

I couldn’t believe it – I’m more used to being kicked in the teeth by advertisers, having my eyelids peeled back, and blackmailed with “You appear to be using an adblocker. Please disable your adblocker to continue using this site yada yada yada“. (For anyone responsible for this tripe – NEVER will I do such a thing!)

There is still a slight problem, which can be avoided, and the view isn’t permanently ruined, as it once was.

Sometimes, George Street plays hot to a coach park.

George Street Coach Park

George Street Coach Park

But, on a good day.

George Street Marionettes Set Free

George Street Marionettes Set Free


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  1. Thank heaven’s for some common sense, not a lot of it about these days.


    Comment by Lorraine Smith | Feb 10, 2018

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