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Surprisingly old Mercedes

Back to my slight favourite of pairs, two letters and two numbers, not seen for a while, this being JL 11.

I was slightly surprised when I checked on this one and found it resided on a 2009 Mercedes.

I guess I’m losing track of more frequent style changes.

That said, I rather like this current styling (2017/2018) which started popping up last year, with a much smoother and fluid style, especially around the rear.

The only problem I’ve found recently is that, at the moment at least, and at night, the overall silhouette of this, and BMW’s styling of similar models can produce similar profiles of dark cars at night, especially if badges and other detail features can’t be seen.

2009Mercedes  E250 CDI Auto

2009Mercedes E250 CDI Auto


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Oh! It’s February 14th, so…

Grumpy Valentine

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Ye Olde Glasgow at the People’s Palace

I’ve tried to get a pic of this old painting of Glasgow along the River Clyde for some time, but every time I get the catch home and take a look – it’s been ruined by reflections in the glass.

I finally managed to avoid them for once.

It’s worth spotting this painting in the Viewing Gallery at the top of the building.

Old Glasgow Painting

Old Glasgow Panorama Painting By John Knox

A little detail.

John Knox Panorama Detail

John Knox Panorama Detail

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Today is Pet Theft Awareness Day

Pet Theft Awarness

14 February is Pet Theft Awareness Day.

Launched in 1988 by the Last Chance for Animals organisation, Pet Theft Awareness Day is aimed at educating animal owners in keeping their pets safe from thieves. With almost 2 million pets being stolen annually in American alone, the threat is real. Two options are to have pets micro-chipped or tattooed.

The day is meant to call attention to the importance of pet identification methods., and encourages those with pets to take steps to ensure the animal’s security and their own peace of mind.

It’s probably hard for those who care for their pets to understand the minds of the scum that thinks nothing of stealing a friend and companion which may be a lonely person’s only contact, or perhaps a critically ill child’s reason for living.

The penalties for those who think they are being clever by deliberately abducting pets, waiting for a reward to be posted, then contacting the owner and demanding cash for their pet’s return (and maybe threatening to harm it otherwise) are just not enough.

And it’s always worth bearing in mind the existence of studies which suggest such people are best kept away from children, as they’re maybe just ‘practising’ with the animals before moving on.


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