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Opera quietly gained a built-in adblocker


Since I recently mentioned that Chrome had gained an adblocker (after spotting a news item about the activation of this option), I thought it only fair to note the same for Opera.

I’ve never been able to work up any enthusiasm for Chrome, despite being told that for some unfathomable reason it is reported to be the most popular/used browser. It’s never offered any features that I found useful or attractive, has always been a memory hog (important on my little computer), and the extensions look more like kid’s toys than useful options, especially since Google censors them, and many useful ones (which can be freely added to other browsers) are blocked as they offend somebody or other.

It’s ages since I turned to Opera for some browsing, but as I loaded it up, it flagged up a pending upgrade AND a note to the effect that adblocking was now built in.

While it’s not my browser of choice, I did spend long enough using it after the upgrade to be impressed, as the adblocker seemed to be almost as effective as my own choice.

Bear in mind I don’t use the vast majority of so-called ‘social media’ sites (especially Facecrook), so Opera’s adblocker may have an easy time here – on the other hand, I didn’t see a single ad while using it for an evening.

So… For blocking ads, apparently quite well (they also say they have anti-cryptocurrency mining built-in too)…

Try the Opera browser – now with a built-in ad blocker, battery saver and free VPN.


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