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Squeaking wipers? Just use flick wipe

Having recently come across the cause of squeaking brakes

Our handy list of cures now extends to squeaking wipers (and a use for the flick, or single wipe option).

Squeaking Wipers

Squeaking Wipers

Last week, this thieving mouse stole a ride on a US deputy’s car.

Could have taken it home, for a treat 🙂

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This Mercedes is not a L400 NNY

Thinking of a ‘novelty plate’ rather than any disrespect to the owner, from a distance I thought I had come across an amusing LOONY registration plate.

But I was wrong, and when I got closer found it was L400 NNY on a 2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto (ignore the kid-on AMG sticker).

This is one of my favourite Mercedes body styles, but the first I’ve caught with a notable number so I could grab a pic.

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto

I still had the gut-feeling that the number had been chosen, and when I got closer, found that the addition of a little imagination – and some stick-on letters – provided the answer. A bit fuzzy thanks to the reflections and glare, but it does explain the plate.

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto


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