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I told you – Just Shoot, Don’t Think!

Unplanned, but the demand of a return trip to Cambuslang last night meant the chance to repeat Just Shoot, Don’t Think! with a proper camera. No offence to the compact, but when it comes to REALLY low light, it’s just not made for that job.

Although this was as near as makes no difference 24 hours later, that doesn’t guarantee the same ambient lighting or weather, or even Moon.

I ended up taking two shots, separated by a little over an hour.

Obviously, there’s no train this time. Nice as it would have been to have one, I wasn’t going to stand about waiting for one to appear.

There was no Moon, at least not in shot, as it was a lot higher in the sky and too far to catch.

There was no wind in the first shot, and when it did turn up for the second, it was blowing the opposite direction compared to the previous night.

So, two technically competent images, sharper, better exposed thanks to the sensor, but…

Without the train, the Moon, and the near horizontal ‘smoke’ – not really much of a pic.

I think the first chance catch is much better.

Cambuslang Night 1

Cambuslang Night 1

And an hour later (as I was heading back).

Cambuslang Night 2

Cambuslang Night 2

Reminder of the grab.

At least I avoided that damned tree!

The shots above would probably look better with some more contrast dialled in, and a litter darker too. It’s amazing how much more can be caught with a large sensor.

Cambuslang Night Train

Cambuslang Night Train

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