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Glasgow meat market and abattoir last remains

Once a large and significant part of Glasgow, the meat market and abattoir closed its doors many years ago.

Most of the site was razed, leaving only a few sections of its distinctive perimeter wall in place, and some of the covered areas used to manage the animals in pens. These served as covered car auction areas, until this use was also abandoned, leaving those structures abandoned beside the derelict land. Another part of the land was used as the site for a few flats.

The last building from original market appears to lie on Melbourne Street, and can be seen below.

14-28 Melbourne Street, former Slaughter House, c. 1910, A B McDonald. Gateway, with two massive piers and wrought-iron gates bearing City crest.

The distinctive wall was once a feature of the market, and used to surround the entire site, until much of it was demolished and removed along with the main market buildings.

Last Meat Market Building

Last Meat Market Building

The left/north gate pier carries a related carving.

Gate Pier Carving Detail

Gate Pier Carving Detail

The two sets of coat of arms remaining in the gates.

Gate Coat Of Arms

Gate Coat Of Arms

Both steadily decaying.

The gates are secure, and the perimeter remains closed by a substantial fence replacing the demolished wall, while the flats close off the remainder. So even though it’s little more than what might largely be referred to as ‘spare ground’ as a piece of private land on offer for development (but still no takers), it’s not really accessible for a wander.

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