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Siberia in Scotland suggests time to plan holiday

The current blast of cold air we are ‘enjoying’ from Russia/Siberia is dragging our average temperature below 3°C, and last night took a dive below -3°C at one point.

I’m hoping the forecast remains accurate (woke up to snow this morning). Although it shows this nonsense carrying on until the end of the week, things get better after that and the daytime max is predicted to start rising again.

Because this is cold air being ‘parachuted’ in, it actually feels a lot colder that it did during the frosts and freezes we had a couple of weeks ago.

I was thinking it would be nice NOT to be here at the moment, and this bus trip to go see an atomic bomb being detonated seemed both a bargain and a good idea at the moment.

You might even come back with a nice warm glow that could last for a while, just like the Ready Brek kids.

Warm Day Trip

Warm Day Trip

Some say…

They brought in kids that lived near Sellafield when they filmed this series of ads 😉

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Flat Earth fun Tuesday

Following Monday’s news that flat-earthers have insulted the people of Scotland by taking over a shop in Inverness, I can only do my own bit and have some fun for the rest of the week.

Can’t argue with this.

Russian Kid Flat Earth

Russian Kid Flat Earth

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Ice-cream so good…

Ice-cream so good – whoever bought it barely tasted it before leaving it on the seat in a bus shelter.

Maybe it was just the arrival of the freezing cold weather that put them off, as Scotland is just starting to REALLY enjoy the freezing cold air being blasted in from the east of the country, from Russia and Siberia. See Why the UK will be so cold

Or maybe they had a taste – and that was enough!

It’s not unusual, and while the media and those who like to score political points choose to insult the rest of us by claiming children in Scotland are both living in poverty AND going hungry, when I see school kids in the street, they are carrying the most expensive tiny bottles of juice, and things like this tiny tub of ice-cream, also horrendously expensive.

Worse still, the streets are littered with such bottles discarded after only a couple of gulps have been drunk from them, and the same goes for that other expensive accessory – a plastic bottle of bottled water.

Shettleston Ice Cream

Shettleston Ice Cream

This pic also confirms I’m a vampire (why do you think I take so many night pics?) – I cast no reflection in the glass side of the bus shelter!

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Parked or abandoned?

Not sure.

But the industrial wheelie-bins seem to have better security than the car.

That said, is it legal to chain such wheelie-bins to bike racks, and block them from use by the people they were installed for?

Parked Or Abandoned

Parked Or Abandoned

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