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Bollards – so new they still have their plastic wrapping in place.


Concrete bollards are now deemed to be so sensitive they have to be supplied to site wrapped in protective plastic!

And this is not even a joke.

It would be funny, but for the fact that I used to make posts showing these reinforced concrete structures being destroyed where they were installed. It’s too common now, so longer interesting or even fun.

They’re being installed in the public road, so I have to assume they are official. Homeowners can’t just go sticking stuff in the road as and wherever they like.

Nice New Bollards

Nice New Bollards in Plastic


Curiosity got the better of me, so it was on with the Sun and light-proof suit plus dark glasses so I could go venture out during the hours of daylight.

And I’m not really much more enlightened after looking at the context and taking a second pic of the scene from across the road.



I don’t have any recollection of vehicles being parked on this area of footpath, or mounting it for any reason.

As can be seen from the pics, this road has many sections built out to deliberately narrow it, and when buses stop, traffic is blocked until they move since they are prevented from pulling in to the kerb.

I’ve been here for years, and never seen anything ‘naughty’ being done.

There’s even a nice little section of lowered kerb so vehicles can reach the… Oh!… non-existent drive of the house behind.

So, why does someone in the council see the need to install these today, in time of ‘austerity’ and council spending cuts?



See that ‘Elderly People’ sign and the dropped kerb?

Could this be our newest pedestrian controlled crossing on its way?

There’s a row of flats on the opposite side of the road (caught in the first pic), built to house the very same type of resident some years ago.

I’ll have to re-organise my walks, so I get here a little more regularly, and can watch for developments.

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