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The Gables is open again

When I did my short study of the open-shut-open-shut Rhindsdale Tavern in Baillieston recently, I mentioned another pub that I had noticed had closed completely, despite appearing to be busy and having a function suite.

I’m not there very often, but the pub I was referring to was The Gables on Baillieston Road (it’s a long road, seriously).

I didn’t manage a closed shot last year, and given how well bolted shut it was I was surprised to see it all lit up and open for business when I passed recently.

Still, it was deserted (one customer), so I think it must just have opened again, and none of the old regulars know.

For the moment, the function suite (the floor about the bar and the door on the left) is clearly not included.

Baillieston Road The Gables

Baillieston Road The Gables

Pretty sure that ‘picture’ window right on the corner is a brand-new addition, and replaces the original stained-glass window that matched the others.

I’ve noticed this in a number of pubs that have changed hands around this area during the past few years, with the previously hidden interiors opened to view from the street by at least one clear glazed panel, while other have ripped out nearly all the old obscured windows, replacing them with clear glass revealing the whole interior. Others have opened up completely, taking out ALL the panels between supporting pillars, and replacing them with ceiling to floor glazing.

Thinking about it (and I’m not a pub person), I think there is now only a small handful of pubs left which remain unsighted from any passing gaze from the street, and still have completely obscured windows offering no view whatsoever of their interior.

Upstairs window.

The Gables Upstairs Window

The Gables Upstairs Window


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  1. Just a comment on your observation of our pub The Gables Bar, like to inform you that we have a very busy pub now after having built it up from nothing, just a building no customers or anything to now being a very well run eestablishment

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    Comment by Fiona Brown | Jun 5, 2018

  2. That’s me told!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Apollo | Jun 5, 2018

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