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World’s most boring thermo-hygrometer

Since I’ve been largely bored out of my head watching this for the past few weeks, there seems to be no reason not inflict the same on everyone else.

I decided to move my thermo-hygrometer next to an open window as this is closer to the operating conditions such devices need in order to retain a semblance of accuracy.

It’s worth noting that you will see many of these devices mounted poorly in many location, being placed on a nice comfy shelf, often up high to avoid little fingers, and out of draughts.


They need to be mounted in a moving airflow, to ensure they are not ‘measuring’ a static cloud of stagnant air, and as close as possible to the item they are supposed to be measuring, or recording, the environment of. Placed on high, they will just sit in a nice warm layer of air that has settled at the height of the shelf they are on.

Since the Beast from the East made its appearance, most indications have been of temperatures around 0°C, and RH levels that have stuck up around a maximum of 90% or more. The RH came down as the air chilled and things dried out in the freezing air, but the arrival of temperatures above zero, and some rain, raised the local RH back towards 90%.

Hopefully, this pic will start to change and the pointers will start to move, provided they have not seized!

Incidentally, there should be pens on the ends of those arms, but they need to be bought and replaced, as does the increasingly expensive chart paper – so the arms have been adjusted to point closer to the actual value, with no pens fitted. With no inky pens fitted, we save on chart paper.

Casella Thermo-Hygrometer

Casella Thermo-Hygrometer


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Revisited – C9 RYF hybrid illegal fairy

I thought this one had gone for good as the relevant Seat Ibiza apparently disappeared after I added it to my collection!

I wanted a closed look at the naughty pic shown on the left of the plate, after noticing there was an ‘Image of interest’ there when I first collected it, rather than a legit country flag.

As luck would have it, the night it reappeared I was carrying a load from the shops, so only had one hand free, but at least had the right camera for one-handed use.

I didn’t get the right shot (so… still going to be on the lookout – again!). Maybe in daylight next time.

But at least the character on the left has now been revealed, if not identified.

If you know the name of this little fairy, do share.

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

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