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City of Adelaide Clipper gains children’s activity book

Strangely, if you ever listened to the ramblings of one poor individual from Sunderland, it seems the fortunes of the hull of the City of Adelaide clipper which went to live in Australia a few years have been good, and so far at least, it has not spontaneously combusted, or disintegrated under the fierce Australian sun, nor has the rescue project foundered.

It’s actually rather nice to see it amble along slowly, step by step.

Far better than many I watched arrive with great fanfare and promises/demands of many millions – over-ambitious and doomed to failure if the promises fall short. Over the past decade or so it’s become clear that projects which limp along with a steady cash-drip and avoid sensational claims are much more likely to be around for years.

This looks like one of those ‘small steps’.

SEAFARING adventures are swept off the page in a new children’s activity book about the clipper ship City of Adelaide.
The ship’s restoration project director, Peter Christopher, and Meredith Reardon — a descendant of its captain — have teamed up to create Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Facts and Figures.

More than a quarter of a million Australians can trace their ancestry through passengers and crew who sailed on the City of Adelaide, which made 23 return voyages from English ports between 1864 and 1887.

Mr Christopher said the 40-page book had been specifically written for children — a deliberate move as most of the material available about the historic ship was geared towards adults.

Via New City of Adelaide clipper ship children’s book opens maritime history to new audience

He and Ms Reardon, a teacher, first had the idea for the book two years ago but it wasn’t until they received a grant from an anonymous donor that they were able to publish it.

Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Facts and Figures is now on sale for $10 at the ship at Dock One.

It will soon also be available in selected newsagents and book stores.

City of Adelaide

City of Adelaide lying at Irvine on 07 February 2012 © wfmillar


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  1. Sunderland Ciy Council is spending absolutely £ millions on the 2018 Tall Ships Regatta , The top $ event ££ costs keep increasing and there is more than just a little local political flak. IMHO the £ money should have been spent on a full size sail training ship using traditional construction – that would last 150 + years giving the Port of Sunderland presteige. The years will continue to roll on and I doubt if the City of Adelaide clipper will ever get a proper job done. They don’t and will never have the Oz $ , they don’t and will never have the tourist industry to support the hulk regardless of how many cruise ships call & then they can’t dock within miles of the original Port Adelaide – up the mangrove creek , been there – it has no reson now to service inland industry and export wool – finished and also one of the hottest places on the planet , not pleasant at all. Amazed me how in the old days the locals sat in their deck-chairs on the dock wharf – actually it was a form of $ free air-con LoL

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    Comment by Tony | 16/03/2018

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