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The amazing disappearing lockbox

Well  THAT was surprise.

After two posts about an odd lockbox spotted clamped to a lamppost a few days ago – it DISAPPEARED!

Thanks to an unplanned detour resulting from some unexpected snow that joined the increasingly chilly wind last night, I ended up passing the same spot.

I thought I was in the wrong place after a passing glance at the relevant lamppost failed to show the expected silhouette in the dark, but when I checked the lamppost, it was the same one – but the box had gone, completely, including the hefty clamp that fixed it to the pole.

It didn’t even seem to leave a mark where it had been, suggesting it hadn’t been there very long.

Lockbox Lamppost - No Lockbox

Lockbox Lamppost – No Lockbox

Compare this with the previous view from only a few nights ago.

Between the pics, you should be able to match the clear tape at the bottom of the view, and the little reflective survey marker at the top.

Daytime Lock Box

Daytime Lock Box

So that’s that.

No chance of catching it ‘In Use’ some day.

But now I’ll have to be even more alert, to see if it turns up somewhere else.

Unless YOU know better.


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  1. How very strange , almost as if you and your BLOG are being ‘watched’ by the establishment , but then you and I are not conspiracy theorists..

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Tony | 18/03/2018

  2. Let’s be careful out there – you never know who’s listening 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Apollo | 18/03/2018

  3. Was there any form of remaining installation of wiring – like a small hole in the post ?

    Are you absolutely certain you did not ‘count-post’ on return from the pub rather than going there ?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Tony | 18/03/2018

  4. No joy on any of those thoughts I’m afraid.

    And that’s why (despite the wind trying to shove me along the road at that moment) I carefully chose a view with recognisable features and markers that established I was looking at the right pole AND the right part of it too.

    No holes at all, and as noted, not as much as a mark left on the paint – although these are tough old poles and the paint is like concrete.

    The weather is due a sudden step improvement tomorrow, so I might try for a daylight view – but no way I am stepping out today, it may be above freezing, but the east wind is blowing hard (and cold!), with snow flurries hitting, even if it’s not enough to gather and lie.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Apollo | 18/03/2018

  5. For added security – I suspect it gets moved to another post every so often , may be coincidence you happened by near one of the moves. No easy access without a ‘right’ vehicle , You may have been joking with comments but , hammer/nail/head.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Tony | 18/03/2018

  6. It’s now on the lamp post right outside my house in Swinton and judging from the rust marks on the box – it’s the very same one. Saw 2 guys in high vis jackets and a small council vehicle attaching it yesterday.


    Comment by Sam Sheridan | 31/08/2018

  7. Sounds like it’s time for a wandering detour as soon as I can.

    Thanks for the tip.


    Comment by Apollo | 31/08/2018

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