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Glasgow fashion and style leads

I’m not sure what Glasgow fashion and style actually leads, other than maybe the queue for the sick bucket.

You’d have to pay me to go out dressed like this.

Even then, I doubt I’d get paid what I was asking – unless I got to wear a bag over my head.



Although I live in casual clothes now, coming from a business world where at least collar & tie was expected as a minimum, and a suit preferred if you wanted anyone to actually speak to you, or even see you, I’ll just never understand looking this bad.

High fashion?

High fashion?

My Paper Bag

My Paper Bag

On second thoughts…

I’ll just wear the bag – and still look better!


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Sad to see Maplin go

It’s been sad to read of the final failure of Maplin Electronic over the past few weeks.

You can read a more detailed analysis of the web of complexity that seems to grow up around many companies that grow to the size of Maplin, and while I understand there is a need to do ‘something’ to fuel the supply of money that keeps it alive, I also have to confess I find it hard to comprehend the strategies used by some. Rather than provide long-term solutions, they just seem to build on funding plans that don’t actually fund anything. Instead, they just provide a path to the next round… and that does much the same, only more so.

Try ploughing through this for an analysis: The sad story of Maplin Electronics

We now (in Scotland at least) seem to have lost all the hobby electronics retailers, see Anybody left that remembers RME Surplus in Stockwell Street?

Add to the names there others such as Tandy, or Radio Shack. I didn’t really use them often, but they did still bring in some items that couldn’t be obtained elsewhere.

Their passing now leaves us with NO high street source of electronic components.

Like amateur radio (I think the last source, Jaycee in Glenrothes closed its doors a while ago), electronics is now becoming a ‘ready built’ hobby, and not a DIY one, from basic parts.

I guess that’s progress – but bear in mind… SOMEBODY still has to have the smarts needed to create those!

I could probably waffle about this for ages, but better stop there.

I’m one of those who was around a baby electronics hobbyist, and was buying components from the original shop down south, by mail order, so witnessed the growth of the company, and its arrival in Scotland – and was also surprised as it kept on opening shops, especially since some were within walking distance of one another (as long as the walker was not a couch potato teen that could barely make it from the couch to the fridge and back again). I also became concerned as it began to diversify. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing (you can easily be too specialised), as I watched the range of that diversification grow, so did my worries. I thought I was wrong, but it seems I was not, and all those ‘new’ products were clearly eating the company’s funds as the cash was turned into ‘dead stock’ sitting in the shops and their storage areas.

I was disappointed to see Maplin had a ‘Store Closing’ sign, rather than a ‘Shop Closing’ one. It was a British shop (not an American store).

I was also disappointed (when I had a dig around my electronics sources) to see how quickly the knives came out, and were buried firmly in Maplin’s back almost as soon as I had tracked back to the initial announcements of the impending problems/closure. Almost as soon as this started to gain momentum, commenters appeared with little more to offer than tales of how rubbish the company’s products were, and how vastly over-priced they were.

Maybe both are true (however, since many were quoting comparisons from highly dubious sellers on eBay and amazon, I have my doubts) – but if you want to say such things, and be taken seriously, say them BEFORE a company has problems, not after.

I missed out on Woolworth’s closure, and didn’t get any pics, so when I passed my local Maplin…

Maplin Closing

Maplin Closing

(Sorry, that was just supposed to be a couple of lines explaining a pic).

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Surprise bike pic

I didn’t expect to see this bike again (after mentioning it a few days ago).

As noted then, I thought it was dumped or abandoned, until I got a real surprise and saw it was locked to the fence.

This time, I grabbed a pic just to prove it was there, and had a poke at (even though it clearly still belonged to someone).

As before, I noted it had probably never been cleaned, and the oil thrown from the chain (in the dim and distant past when it was once lubricated) had it, and the frame, caked solid with dust/dirt.

The rear brake was in pieces, hanging off the frame. THAT’S the one you WANT working!

The shifter didn’t move, and the front brakes just about made contact with the rim.

I’ve no idea about that front suspension, or the rest.

If it had been a car – it would be off to the crusher if the police spotted it, and the driver would have been looking at a rapidly falling bank account to meet the fines.

Clearly, my idea of a junker is different, and refers mainly to cosmetics, NOT mechanics.

For what it’s worth, this one IS being ridden, as it was gone when I came back from the shop about an hour later, so it hadn’t just been sitting there since I last saw it.

Junk Bike

Junk Bike


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