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Poor old BBC – targeted by the Fat Deniers for mentioning obesity epidemic

It’s a pity that Political Correctness makes it so hard to state simple truths nowadays.

It’s no longer acceptable (to some, guess who) to state that someone is FAT.

Unfortunately, the principle seems to be failing – as it seems that 75% of the population is now obese.

The BBC published an article that included mention of BMI (body mass indication

BMI and obesity: Where are you on the UK fat scale?

After couple of days it had to publish another (almost apologetic) article:

Can we trust BMI to measure obesity?

The fat terrorists must have been busy, and keen to spread their denial, as the validity BMI was being questioned.

It’s like listening to wind power haters – nobody has EVER said or claimed wind power would supply ALL our electricity, but they always love to point out that wind is not present for 24 hours of the day. The anti-BMI mob seems to love pointing out it is not 100% accurate – but nobody claims it is!

(Full Disclosure: I’ve been the same weight all  my life, just under 10 stone, but BMI has me a hair’s breadth under overweight. Do I complain? Do I state BMI doesn’t work? Do I support fat people who claim it is not accurate? Nope – I just look at my short legs, 34-inch waist, and sigh).

That second article had a ‘Comments Section’ and it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out who’s tending to post comments there – or that many of them are in utter denial of their condition, explaining their obesity by all sorts of ‘magical’ excuses that have no basis in reality.

I’ve heard it said that Alcoholic Anonymous states the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.

If that’s the case, then I fear fat people are not going away anytime soon – and will, with a straight face, tell you there are no fat people.

See the last para  in that second article – they just don’t want to hear the truth/reality.

It seems we have to avoid hurting the feeling of two or three fatties, while hundreds of other struggle with obesity since we’re not allowed to tell them they have a problem!

Fat Therapy

Fat Therapy

(I’ve some secret reasons for adding this particular post – I might even give them away later 😉 )

Denying the issue will not make it go away simply because the deniers threaten anyone who dares to call them out.

Enabling fat people by making it somehow ‘wrong’ to say they are fat will not help either.

False claims, such as the virtually non-existent ‘slow metabolism’ excuse are also nothing more than excuses. Human metabolism is just about the same for everyone (surprise!), and if it was the cause of obesity, it’s easy fixed by not over-eating. But then again, that simple fix is also the one for obesity – oops.

I forget the name or channel, but (some years ago) one of the investigative TV programmes monitored a group of different people over a test period, and effectively showed this to be bogus.

The same goes for claims of ‘big bones’ – everyone has the same bones, at least in so far as variation will not add 10-20 stone to your body mass.

This scan was published a few years back, and bursts this myth.

Fat Scan

Fat Scan

And some more.

Fat Scan

Fat Scan

And even some with BMI indicated.

BMI Body Scans

BMI Body Scans

No, you CAN’T sit beside me.

Couch? What Couch?

Couch? What Couch?

Had to buy the seat before being allowed to leave the stadium.

Poor Seat

Poor Seat

It’s genetics.



Engineering/material miracles for bikini design.

Bikini Bodies

Bikini Bodies


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