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Who’s to blame? The signwriter or the customer?

It used to be fairly simple to find signs with mistakes – just look for the apostrophe (or lack of apostrophe) and you’d soon catch something.

However, now that neither signwriter nor customer seems to be educated, it’s so easy to do this it’s as much fun as shooting fish in a barrel (see Mythbusters for that lesson).

Probably the only problem is having to actually READ the signs to find the mistakes – at least apostrophes are easy to spot (or not).

Then here’s the added bonus of tattooists and their victims nowadays, doomed to live with their joint mistakes (with ‘NO RAGRETS‘), or having to endure laser tattoo removal to get rid of their gems. Not forgetting the option of a huge inky ‘cover up tattoo’ to hide it instead.

I couldn’t pass this one up, seen on a long walk far from home.

I’ll let you guess what ‘BRINING SAFETY TO THE ROAD’ means, but there were plenty of signs making the same offer.

The good news is that you don’t have to go to China (punch in that prominent URL – relax, at the moment at least, it’s just a 404 error).



Loads of them, double-sided, all the same.

HH Tyres


It would bring tears to a quality manager or proofreader’s eyes.


I just passed this spot a few days ago – ALL the signs are GONE!

Including others of a different design erected further along the road.

Nope, nothing to do with me – the pics were taken a while ago, and this post wasn’t published until AFTER the signs had all gone.

I’m no expert in this particular scenario, but they look vaguely illegal, stuck in the ground on land not belonging to the business, and probably without asking the owners consent, or even paying for the land use.

Another update

Following the suggestion below, in the Comments, we’ve been trying to watch this spot, and found that the signs were not actually gone – just taken in at night.

Embarrassing signs are gone (but only sometimes)



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  1. The signs get faken in around 6pm each night. Took the same pics last year found the idea of getting brakes checked by someone who couldn’t spellcheck amusing but never got around to tweeting it.

    Discovered your blog by accident tonight and have really enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Alasdair Buchanan | 22/05/2018

  2. I’m generally heading to shops, so wouldn’t usually be there late enough to see them taken in, but didn’t get the chance last time as I was coming from Dalmarnock side, and turned off this road before reaching this spot.

    Maybe next time.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Apollo | 23/05/2018

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