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Dammit cat – That’s for my feet!

I managed to catch this typical cat response to some poor old tired feet getting a soak…

Sphinx Drinks

Sphinx Drinks


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Sadly this does not seem to be a joke

The Rolls Royce Cullinan.

They should have stopped the name of this farce at Rolls Royce Cull.

Thank goodness the old ‘Wire Brush and Domestos’ can be applied to the eyes as well as the tongue.

Rolls Royce has officially descended to the gutter with this freak, in its quest for sales.

The ‘Best Car in the World’ is now just the ‘Worst Shed in the World’.

Never forget, Mythbusters may actually have succeeded in polishing a turd, but under the shine it was STILL a turd.

Go buy a Range Rover if you feel the need to drive a luxury van around, or show the world you don’t care about the cost of fuel (570 HP V12 6.0 litre with 8-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Now, where did I leave my wire brush and Domestos?

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There goes Dalmarnock

I was never hugely familiar with Dalmarnock, but did come to recognise quite a lot of it when I started walking there some years back.

I almost remember seeing a couple of high flats that once stood there, but saw more of them as piles of rubble coming out of a rock crusher after they were demolished.

I found a school there, closed, derelict, and also demolished shortly after I tripped over it.

There was one factory that managed to survive in Springfield Road (my company even did some work in it, but I never visited) – until the dopey 2014 Commonwealth Games had it eliminated. A pity, since it was vaguely historic and a little interesting, being nicely built in sandstone – but that didn’t save it as it stood in the way of the athlete’s village, so became a ‘Dead Man Walking’ and gave its life for the silliness.

Nearly all the sandstone tenements in the area were eliminated, only a few still stand at Dalmarnock Bridge. A few early 20th century houses that had somehow been missed in an earlier round of demolition were mopped up at the same time.

While I never saw the power station that sat next to the bridge, I did see the wall that once bordered the river, and even had jetties for coal deliveries (I think that only happened once in its life though – rail was the normal route. But, like the power station, that vanished too, again thanks to  the stupid Commonwealth Games.

There was one Stoddart’s bed factory down there, but that stands long abandoned and derelict now.

Probably thanks to that larger building, some smaller industrial units have survived alongside.

But a recent wander there suggests they’ll be for the chop soon, as they were occupied, but it’s so long since I was there during working hours it looks to me as if they are now abandoned too.

I used to spy inside this body shop as I walked past, there looked to be some interesting chassis lying around, as if someone did some serious racing as their hobby. But, the last few times I passed it didn’t even look as if they had power – although it was open and they were working, there were no lights on.


I’ve no idea, but the place has been closed whenever I’ve passed recently, and the state of the old sign suggests “There’s nobody home”.

Baltic St Body Shop

Baltic St Body Shop

The sign.

Rough Sign

Rough Sign

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The Monteith (most of it)

I first grabbed a pic of The Monteith back in January 2017 – when I noted it was boarded up, and suggested that it was not likely to survive, having been modified for use as a men’s hostel.

This means the interior is likely to have been extensively modified over many years to provide accommodation (like a guest house or hotel conversion, only not as nice), and restoring or repurposing it would probably be horrendously expensive – with the added costs of meeting current building legislation.

I took another pic in January 2018 – but it looked just the same, and was just as boarded up and derelict.

I haven’t been back since, so this view taken 5 months later (not surprisingly) confirms my prediction of January 2017 with the old hotel building surrounded by scaffolding to make sure it is safely – erased.

It never really had a chance.


Don’t miss one of the reasons for its former existence as a men’s hostel, which was conveniently left in sight at the bottom left of the pic.

(If you actually think I staged this – do you really think I’m even going to touch a bottle which has had the lips of a Glasgow ned around it?)

That said, as I reached the Crown Plaza Hotel on the Clyde Walkway last night, there was a teenage girl hauling a huge backpack sitting in front of it – and nursing a (large) bottle of Buckfast.

Tourist backpacker?

Following advice given on local things not to be missed?

The Monteith

The Monteith

The other side, in case it’s gone before I pass again.

The Monteith Demolition View

The Monteith Demolition View

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