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Still busy in Baillieston

There only a few day left before Lidl comes back to Baillieston – while this shop isn’t essential (for me) I’m surprised at how handy it was even though I have three others to choose from. It will be handy to have back.

With 6 days to go there’s little to see, although all the external signs of work have gone, the fencing, plant and machinery, scaffolding, material etc, and the shop is almost ready, if apparently empty.

Along the road, Baillieston Credit Union’s new home in the old Chamber’s clothes shop is nearing completion, and has ‘revealed’ itself.

Almost hidden behind the building is more work, as the former garden/yard is converted into access, with the now obligatory disabled access provisions being finalised.

I had to move from the usual spot to take the pic, and make sure the lamppost didn’t spoil the nice new sign.

BCU Progress

BCU Progress

Just for fun, I thought I’d play with the perspective of this shot, to pretend it was taken from in front…



It doesn’t look as weird as I thought it would.

A little further along, the nice weather brought out the outdoor seating promised at… whatever this place is.

This reminds me of cartoons that used to appear in motoring magazines, poking fun at the British tourist.

The view would be of a family apparently enjoying a nice cup of tea (from vacuum flasks) or a family picnic spread out on the grass, with a caption along the lines of “Lovely place for a picnic”…

But the wider view would show them in a lay-by or grassy verge at the side of the M1 🙂

This looks like a similarly romantic spot (the patch of greenery looks good, but is actually weeds taking over a patch of earth that used to have shrubbery, and small bushes, until it was all cut down) just along from a set of traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing on Baillieston Road, heading to/from the M8 and M73/74 junctions, on a bus route too.

Baillieston Road Tables And Chairs Seating Area 1

Baillieston Road Tables And Chairs Seating Area 1

The plans showed a second seating area in the space to the side street on the right.

Still yo come? We’ll see.



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