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When some old car ruins your pic of a nice hole in the ground

Unlike most people, I don’t like to wander around looking like an idiot when I take pics, holding my camera at arm’s length staring at a screen on the back as if I was chronically short-sighted, so all my cameras (where possible) have viewfinders. (If you don’t know what a viewfinder is, I’m sure an online search will dig something up.)

While it’s great for composing pics, and reading all the details that an advanced digital camera throws at you nowadays, I will admit it robs you of any peripheral vision, and situational awareness.

I was reminded of this last night, as I was taking pics of the (by then repaired) ‘sink-hole’ that appeared in Glasgow’s George Street.

Just as I took one shot, somebody drove their old heap in front of the spot, and blocked my shot!

I haven’t had a lot of luck with McLarens in the past, and this one would have escaped too, had it not effectively ‘Taken its own pic’.

Despite having a range of models, they all look pretty similar, and you have to look at the body side panels to identify all but the most outrageous offerings.

I’m pretty sure this is their 570S Coupé, although the details are a little blurred as it was moving when the shutter fired.

 570S Coupé

570S Coupé



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My first Tesla

While I’ve seen a Tesla Model S before, there was no chance of grabbing a pic as it was passing me as I waited to cross the road.

This time things were in my favour, and it was charging at one of the EV bays in Wilson Street.

These appear to have been upgraded since I was last here, and now have shiny new fast chargers made by Siemens and operated by efacec, added beside the original chargers.

You can find these locations using Plugshare

Interesting to look at the user notes – these bays get used by cars with internal combustion engines (now known as being ICEd when they are blocked for used by EVs needing use the chargers), but as this is not allowed I see they are also noting ICE cars getting tickets for using these bays.

The car is a 75D, now the entry-level model, which means 75 kWh battery, 4.2 seconds 0-60 mph, and a range of 259 miles (I’m assuming that to be the EPA figure, which will be more realistic than the EU figure). D means double motor system, so it’s also all-wheel drive.

Well, I’ve always been sold on these – I just can’t find anybody who’ll buy an arm or a leg so I can afford one.

Wilson Street Tesla

Wilson Street Tesla

New charger on the left, and sign warning of bays being for recharging only, on the upper right.

Wilson Street Charger Tesla

Wilson Street Charger Tesla

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End of an era as Shetland comes out of its box

I’m not sure how I feel about this week’s news that a new law has been passed at the Scottish Parliament to stop Shetland being put in a box on maps of Scotland.

Shetland lies 93 miles north of the mainland coast, but is often boxed-off on maps to allow the whole of Scotland to be depicted.

While I don’t approve of inaccuracy, I also decry the loss of established traditions.

The Bill means Shetland has to be accurately represented on any public authority maps, instead of being boxed-off in a non-geographically correct location, after a campaign by Shetland MSP Tavish Scott.

According to Mr Scott this is a “lazy mapping practice”, and he claimed: “The logistics of getting to and from Shetland are all too often overlooked, and this has a serious impact on the economies of the islands.

Mr Scott would seem to think we’re all “Thick as Bricks”.

Looking at viral videos on YouTube – he could be right.

Here’s how things used to be.

Shetland Map Box

Shetland Map Box

And here’s a more accurate view.

Scotland Shetland

Scotland Shetland

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George Street’s massive sink hole

It was funny to see a news item about a ‘sink-hole’ which appeared in George Street, on the north side of George Square.

I’m more used to reading about sink-holes that open up and eat entire towns, or smaller ones that open up in roads and eat cars.

Sad to say, ours wasn’t even big enough to eat the handy chair somebody put out to mark the hole’s presence.

Busy road closed off after ‘sink-hole’ appears

George Street Sink Hole (Credit STV)

George Street Sink Hole (Credit STV)

This was such a BIG story, I just had to go and take a look.

Too slow…

It was already gone the following evening.

Well, I tried.

George Street Sink Hole

George Street Sink-hole

All gone.

George Street Sink Hole Fixed

George Street Sink-hole Fixed

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The Charlotte Street House

I mentioned the little (well, not really so little, but it looks little) house on Charlotte Street when I picked a sample plaque from those mounted in the Time Spiral in McPhun’s Park on Glasgow Green recently.

Time Spiral Plaque 1780

Time Spiral Plaque 1780

It’s a long time since I took a pic of the house, so when I noticed I was nearby the other day, I made a detour and grabbed a few pics.

Not surprisingly, this house doesn’t change much, but I did spot the recent addition of one of those mechanical digital door locks to the front door, and that seems to have been added only in the last year or so.

The house is the only original one left standing here, and is surrounded by modern flats and offices – use StreetView for a wider look at the spot.

Charlotte Steet

Charlotte Street

Closer look at the house façade.

Charlotte Street House

Charlotte Street House

I see it seems to have a dark coloured plaque on the right, not noticed before. I’ll have to remember to take a closer look at that too.


Nothing to get excited about regarding the plaque I spotted.

It’s just a marker for the Saltire Society, and unlike a Blue Plaque, has no story.

I had a quick look at their web site, and there doesn’t even seem to be a list their plaque locations.

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