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Weekly round-up: 03 Jun 2018

Things I notice and keep thinking about…

(Ever think “I’ve made a mistake”? When I resurrected this round-up last week, I did so on the basis that for weeks there have been few items I found worth including, so it would be short and reasonable. Of course, this week the flood gates re-opened, and the potential entries seem to be almost endless. Oh well, I’ll have a cull, and see if things settle down, or if there’s some sort of ‘Mad Summer’ effect, and I have to drop it again.)

Poor old house (Carnsalloch House), must wish it was being neglected Derelict mansion near Kirkton targeted in fire attack

More on the mansion Mansion is ‘shell’ after fire-raising

Scotland’s solar power projects share the same fate as Scotland’s space projects (noted in last week’s round-up). It’s sad to look at  comments (where still available) after such stories – most comments appear to come from utter morons with no knowledge of the subject, or are decades out of date Massive solar farm in Moray will be Scotland’s biggest

Oh look – Moronic comments by dozen (frightening  to think you must pass some these people in the street) Single-use coffee cups ban in Scottish government buildings

Thank goodness I have nothing to do with social media (safe haven for the brain-dead) Man places ‘invisibility cloak’ for sale on Facebook It’s not even funny.

It’s almost (I said ALMOST) as shame there’s no moronic comments section after this story. I used to follow all the ferry stories, especially many supposed complaints. One favourite was travellers blaming the ferry for being a few minutes late, making them miss their train, since the trains (and buses for that matter) never wait for the ferry, even if it is seen docking (to be fair, they have a timetable, and get penalised for late departures, so it’s lose-lose). But since the ferry is run by CalMac, then by definition in certain people’s eyes, CalMac is the problem (forget things like bad weather, or even catching an earlier ferry). On the other hand, since no-one has ever banged any of the travel operator’s heads together and made them integrate ferry/train/bus timetables, they’re ALL to blame, including any regulator. I would love to see CalMac in control of at least one of the services it currently is not able to enforce integration with Ferry firm CalMac interested in running ScotRail trains

Always interesting to see what someone thinks is a Great Business Idea today (yet wasn’t yesterday) Isle of Bute is ‘perfect’ for truffle growers


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Sad – Neeb’s wheels 5 is still just sitting there

A walk down ‘Memory Lane’ recently reminded of an old post (now 5 years old), and one which circumstances meant I’d been unable to do a proper update back at the time.

Neeb’s Wheels 5 – Nissan 300ZX

There’s not much I can add to that post, or the update I made later.

If you’re interested, just click on the link above, there’s not much I can add anyway.

Although, from my own experience I can maybe add that someone is taking the time to give it the odd clean.

Even painted cars will succumb to various varieties of (damaging) moss if left outside and completely unattended and cared for, and it can be quite a shock to come back one after a few years and see just how it accelerates from almost nothing once it starts.

At least I have a decent pic now.

Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo [H344 MPE]

Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo [H344 MPE]

I really miss not having one of these in my collection, but if I had added one, it would just be doing the same, so at least I saved some cash,

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Not all Australians are rabid cat-hating vote-hungry politicians

I always feel a little guilty when a story has any reference to race nowadays.

Not because I think there is anything inherently wrong with that, and we will be making such reference for as long there are different countries with borders and races within them.

My problem arises only from those who like to jump up and down and play ‘The Racist Card’ now that many lawmakers have unfortunately seen fit to provide them with an option to escalate crimes, and their punishments, if a racist motive can be construed. This, to me, is wrong, as I see many crimes that could be adequately handled by existing laws get picked up by some activist group, hungry for publicity, and demanding that a crime be classed as ‘racist’ so that more extreme penalties can be applied (and they, of course, get their free publicity for championing the cause of the poor neglected and forgotten victim).

So, I was obliged to mention ‘Australia’ last week, and its ‘Cat-proof Fence’, and the politicians who claim cats are apparently driving every other animal species to extinction – while they also want a cat cull, apparently the only way they see to solve their problem.

I thought it only fair to share this story that appeared this week, showing that not ALL Australians want to wipe out cats.

In fact, some are rather nice as regards their feelings about cats.

Originally posted on LoveMeow

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

Blind Kitten Found Alone on Streets Can’t Stop Giving Love and Cuddles for Saving Her Life

A black and white kitten was spotted all by herself near a shop. A kind lady found the little wanderer and quickly noticed that she was blind.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

The lady reached out to CatRescue 901, a local rescue group in New South Wales, Australia, which is known for saving blind kittens and cats. Despite being sightless, the kitty never slowed down and was eager to give everyone snuggles and kisses.

They named her Elsa, and found her a foster home with Crystal Mackey who had cared for blind kittens for the rescue before. “From the very first photo, I fell in love with Elsa. She was so small and vulnerable,” Crystal told Love Meow.

Elsa was born with a pair of underdeveloped eyeballs. She is completely blind and was in need of surgery to make her feel comfortable and prevent future infections.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

When Crystal first met Elsa, she was surprised by her petite stature. The tuxedo girl was just the size of her hand. Elsa was very vocal and constantly seeking attention.

“She slept most of the drive home, but at one point she woke up crying. My brother took her out of the carer and cuddled her. I talked to her while I was driving and she was very responsive, meowing back and purring,” Crystal added.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

“It was then obvious that she had a neurological condition as well – her little head was bobbling non-stop. The bobbling made her so endearing, it was love at first sight.”

Elsa was very brave from day one. She mastered the litter box without the need for sight. Her amazing sense of smell helped her navigate and map the location she was in. “The hardest challenge was that she couldn’t seem to locate sounds. Slowly, she learnt how to play with toys and walk in a (mostly) straight line.”

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

The beautiful blind girl doesn’t think that she’s any different. She maps her area and runs around just like other cats.

“Neither condition affects her ability to be a normal, playful kitten who uses her litter trays perfectly. Most of all, she is the best cuddler and kisser I’ve ever met. She really won’t leave you alone when you’re sitting with her,” Crystal added.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

Elsa is an indoor cat but she gets excited every time she goes on walks in the backyard with Crystal.

Once she learned that she could run freely on the grass without bumping into furniture or walls, she ran at full speed and hopped around on the lawn in pure bliss.

Video: Elsa enjoys getting some of her pent up energy out!

“I nicknamed Elsa, velcro cat, as she was often attached to Crystal’s neck,” Jenny Storaker, Co-director of CatRescue 901, told Love Meow.

It’s her favorite perching spot.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

When Elsa was ready for adoption, Crystal thought that it was time to find her her forever home.

“It wasn’t until Crystal was faced with someone meeting Elsa that she realized that she couldn’t let her go,” Jenny said. “It was obvious that they were meant for each other.”

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

It’s been almost two years since Elsa was found. She has been Crystal’s most loyal companion. When they had a new baby in the family, she showered him with snuggles and all the love she could give.

“Elsa is a little miracle kitty – she grew into such a precious girl who is grateful for every day. She never stops cuddling, kissing and playing,” Crystal told Love Meow.

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Holroyd Art Gallery boarded up

I tend to take more pics of the Holroyd Art Gallery than it probably deserves, but it’s an old derelict (note the sign which states it was established in 1912 – even before me) which I always notice, and its location at the corner of George Street and High Street is almost like a marker for arriving in the city centre, like Glasgow Cross just down the hill, or Charing Cross at the other end of the city.

Better take pics now, since we know this corner will go as the area is set to be developed for student flats.

The place has now been boarded up, a pity, but probably down to the actions of fly-posting scum, who I noted appeared to break the door open so they could stick their scabby advertising posters on the inside of the shop windows. Personally, I’d bring back burning at the stake for them – at least we could get some public entertainment out of them.

As you can see, some opportunist scammer has already used the board to fly-post their crummy picture framing operation.

I’d love to ‘Name and Shame’ them, but all that does is give them a free ad online, so that’s not an option – maybe some kind person will tear those ads down, or spray paint over them.

On a more positive note, I’d like to thank whoever took a pic I saw of this building recently, where they had done so without needing a wide-angle lens. Usually, this is needed since your back’s against the wall across the road from the building, so there’s always some sort of perspective problem to sort (or live with).

Now, I know better – and that it’s easy to walk into the car park an up the hill, where I took this pic from, and it was easy to get the whole building (and more) into a long lens shot needing no later ‘fixes’.

Holroyd Art Gallery George Street

Holroyd Art Gallery George Street

Nice roof garden.

Holroyd Art Gallery High Street

Holroyd Art Gallery High Street

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