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Soft protest at the Glasgow School of Art

Although the original Glasgow School of Art building (which I really really MUST learn to call the Mackintosh Building) is closed for restoration following the fire, the Glasgow School of Art lives on just across Renfrew Street, in the £30 million Reid Building.

Like most places, it’s closed most times I get near it, but I still get to press my nose up against the glass (and there’s plenty of it in the new building) and stare inside.

There’s also a little shop in one of the side windows, and this trio was smiling back at me last time I looked in.

Cats Protesting Soft Toy Rights

Cats Protesting Rights For Soft Toys


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Monday opening slips quietly back into Glasgow’s People’s Palace

Sad to say, I didn’t notice this change in opening times for the People’s Palace when it happened, so I have no idea how long the improved times have been in place.

I had to wipe Monday’s off my diary as an option for visits back in the days when it was closed on Mondays. I kept on going there on Mondays after failing to make it over the weekend – and kept forgetting it was closed.

I was sure I had posted in this blog about this museum (and maybe others, I can’t remember now) being closed on Mondays, but I can’t find either the post, or the pic of the sign which showed Monday as ‘Closed’.

Fortunately, I have the original pic (taken in 2015) so know I’m not losing ‘it’ (yet).

Glasgow Peoples Palace Monday Closing

Glasgow Peoples Palace Monday Closing

Odd, very odd, that both should appear to have gone missing. I distinctly recall writing about it after going there on yet another Monday only to find the doors locked. I KNOW I wrote about it SOMEWHERE, just to jog my memory and avoid another silly repeat.

It doesn’t really matter now, as I just noticed the sign showing the opening times had been altered, and when I looked closer, saw that Monday had been changed from showing ‘CLOSED’ to show the usual opening times.

Well THAT’s handy – for me at least, and I think I’ll be there later today.

Glasgow Peoples Palace Revised Opening Times

Glasgow Peoples Palace Revised Opening Times


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Today is Hug Your Cat Day

04 June is Hug Your Cat Day.

This one’s nice and simple, and surely doesn’t need any instructions or justification.

The obvious downside to this day as that people without cats might be left out.

Try adapting it to “Hug Someone Else’s Cat Day”.

The cats aren’t likely to objects – so go and find one.

Sad to say, this won’t be happening anywhere near me, because… catbutt!

I was going to go with something naughty because of that, but relented, so…

Hug Your Cat Day

Hug Your Cat Day

On the other hand…

Seems a shame to waste this.

Grumpy Hug Hole

Grumpy Hug Hole

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