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(Sir) Billy Connolly’s 75th birthday murals got some plaques

While passing the giant murals dedicated to (Sir) Billy Connolly on the occasion of his 75th, I noticed that descriptive plaques had been added nearby.

Well, to be accurate, two of them had plaques, the Old wynd mural and the Gallowgate mural were easily spotted, but when I headed along Dixon Street to look for one next to the Vetteriano mural, I wasn’t so lucky.

There didn’t seem to be one in sight, at least not anywhere obvious or convenient.

Maybe the team sent out to install it got the same abuse from the patrons of the beer garden below the mural, and decided just to go home as well.

Anyway, whatever the story with the last one (I’m blind, or it just wasn’t there when I looked) here are the two that can be found/seen.

Billy Connolly Mural Osborne Street Old Wynd

Osborne Street Old Wynd


Byrne Mural Plaque Old Wynd

Byrne Mural Plaque Old Wynd


Billy Connolly Mural Gallowgate



Maclean Mural Plaque Gallowgate

Maclean Mural Plaque Gallowgate

It’s such a shame that this mural was completed in a high gloss finish.

It can be almost impossible to see the thing on a bright sunny day (when it should be at its colourful best) as there is just so much reflected glare from the sky. Looking at it recently, during the recent sunny spell, I could barely see anything but the top third.

It really is best to go see this one on a dull day, preferably in the evening, as the sky darkens.



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Today is Sausage Roll Day

05 June is Sausage Roll Day.

And, I don’t mean ‘Pigs in Blankets’ or any other recent innovation or re-invention of the original, and that includes any claims that America invented this savoury treat some time back around 2015.

We’ve had them in Scotland since the sawn of time.

Sausage rolls are much as the name suggests, a spiced mixture of sausage, preferably home-made, wrapped in an all-butter puff pastry and baked until delicious.

I’m told this can be enjoyed hot or cold.

If you are some sort of masochist who enjoys chewing on a mouthful of cold grease/fat, then by all means have yours cold.

I never understood the attraction of a cold sausage roll (or pie) from the first one I was handed and kid, and still don’t.

I’ll stay with HOT, preferably with some variant of brown sauce added.

I wasn’t sure of the best pic to use for a sausage roll. Some look horrible, with pastry that appears to made by someone who had no idea what they were doing, other have burst open while baking, and then there are the ‘arty’ ones, where some clown in a photo studio has added so many ‘enhancement’ to make the thing look enticing, it actually looks disgusting. But all (apart from the photo-shoot abortions) are usually delicious. After all, it’s not what they look like that matters.

So, this one is typical of my local supermarket’s in-store bakery, which actually makes delicious sausage rolls and pies (seriously, I had given up eating any sort of pie until I tried theirs, as it seemed the local shops had simply taken to sweeping up everything that fell on the floor, throwing some pastry around it, baking it, and selling it).

Sausage Roll

Sausage Roll

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