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Unseen Tidal Weir Centenary Plaque

I shouldn’t really be surprised by finds like this, but I am (sighs).

Living on one side of the (River) Clyde really does mean knowing little about the other, presumably just from being too lazy to find one of the many bridges the river does actually have, and drag my weary backside over to the other side.

It’s worth it though, as there are goodies to be found over in that strange, non-city centre oriented world.

While I’ve wandered over to the Glasgow Green end of the river’s tidal weir, it’s not all that interesting, although there is some nice stonework to see close-up.

Clyde Tidal Weir From East

Clyde Tidal Weir From East

However, it’s the other end to the south that seems to be the ‘business end’ (no park or green there, just a path and access road, so not so nice), where I guess the main controls are located.

Over the door to that end there is a plaque, and it commemorates the weir’s centenary, back in 2001.

Tidal Weir Centenary Plaque

Tidal Weir Centenary Plaque


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