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Stamp of Approval for Dad’s Army

Dad's Army

Dad’s Army

It was nice to see Dad’s Army merited the issue of a set of stamps to mark its 50th anniversary.

The series ran from 1968-77 and followed the adventures of a World War II Home Guard platoon defending Walmington-on-Sea against an apparently imminent Nazi invasion – at its peak, the programme attracted some 18 millions viewers.

In recent years, the series seems to have become a fairly regular treat on BBC1 or BBC2, generally during Saturday evenings, although it just seems to have disappeared prior to the appearance of the stamps.

I’m not sure what the magic of the series is, but despite the number of times it has been repeated, it still seems to be a pleasure to watch, unlike many modern series from later years, of which just ONE viewing is more than enough.

The episodes were also reproduced as radio series, with the same actors, modified to suit the audio only format.

I’ve found an online audio stream that has a few of these episodes looped into its schedule, and they’re just as good as the TV episodes.

Don’t panic! Dad’s Army turns 50 with set of stamps


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The illegals – RA56 CAL

After this morning’s post about some cars not being interesting enough…

Time to make up for it with one that’s more than a little interesting.

A pity about the illegal spacing on the 2007 BMW M3’s plates – I’m sure it looks just as good in legit mode, and no chance of adding anything up to £1,000 to its cost either, if you meet ‘Traffic’ and they’re in a bad mood.

BMW M3 Front [RA56 CAL]

BMW M3 Front [RA56 CAL]

I’ve always liked the M3, but more so in its earlier days when it was a beast that only enthusiasts could handle, had no comforts plus the irritation of LHD only.

I could just about live with the change from a normal BMW 6-cylinder smoothie to a hysterically tuned 4-cylinder lump, but when they dropped both options in favour of V-8 power, I felt they lost much of their unique character.

Nowadays, they get barely any of the slightly outrageous body styling seen in the past, are almost stock, and it takes a trained eye to spot one from a distance. Things somtines only become definite when you see the rear, and those four close-mounted exhausts.

BMW M3 Rear [RA56CAL]

BMW M3 Rear [RA56 CAL]

As you may have gathered from the past, I’m no great fan of the ‘new’ numbering system, and almost passed this one by, as I’d been diverted by the more interesting number on the BMW parked further along the road.

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