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TIB CLUB meets again – same rules

TIB CLUB has been down my way again, and held another meeting.

As before, same rules apply.

Late night catch for this Astra (hence the odd colour), which is now styled so differently from the original Astra series I didn’t even realise what it was until I actually looked at the badges!

Vauxhall Astra [TIB 2254]

Vauxhall Astra [TIB 2254]

Next  was a ‘new; Porsche Macan, which I refer to as ‘new’ because it was new when I first saw it on the road, but it has taken be ages to find it stationary and make the catch.

Porsche Macan [TIB 17]

Porsche Macan [TIB 17]

And the last ‘club member’ in this collection, which has taken me so long to catch that the plate has just come off one vehicle and onto another (and no, I have no idea what it was last week).

Land Rover Defender 110TD5 County [TIB8616]

Land Rover Defender 110TD5 County [TIB 8616]

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