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I look away – the Glasgow School of Art burns down

Like many others, my first reaction to news that there had been a fire at the Glasgow School of Art (Mackintosh Building to be precise) was disbelief.

Worse still, it was all over by the time I found out, about twenty hours after the event began – because I have some problems keeping me out of contact at the moment.

It’s not that long since I made the trip and collected a few pics of the restoration site after the fire of 2014.

I’d no idea how glad I’d be to have made the effort to get those pics, after learning that the damage to the building was so much worse than before.

Mackintosh Rebuild

Mackintosh Rebuild

At the moment, I just can’t go for a look, or pics, but that probably doesn’t really matter – images of the fire and its aftermath mean the state of the building is so uncertain that it will be cordoned off for safety reasons for some time.

Some walls seem to have lost so much supporting material (and the roof, which is integral to their stability) that I suspect that there may be demolition for safety, if shoring or other supports cannot safely be erected.

I noted the following articles as read them, after finding out about this (for future reference).

Glasgow art school fire: Sturgeon says blaze is ‘heartbreaking’

‘I assumed the art school fire was a social media blip’

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‘You would think it would never happen again’

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Pavilion Theatre bosses ‘united’ with art school after fire

Fire engulfs Glasgow’s Mackintosh building

Water pumped from River Clyde to fight School of Art fire

How Glasgow earned its reputation as the ‘Tinderbox City’

Timeline: Glasgow School of Art’s devastating years

Aerial footage shows scale of the Glasgow School of Art fire

The papers: ‘Art school inferno’

Nicola Sturgeon: Glasgow fire is heartbreaking

Glasgow School of Art engulfed in flames for a second time

Glasgow School of Art may be beyond repair after second fire

(The last two links given above still allow comments and, unfortunately, show these are largely the province of morons or political opportunists. Obviously, I’m NOT referring to those expressing their sorrow at the event).

With no investigation or examination of the scene, it’s a shame so many are using this incident to point fingers of blame already, and make stupid remarks about sprinklers (which are only intended to buy time for people to escape, NOT extinguish a fire, which has to be fairly advanced before they activate). But why let facts spoil an opportunity to let the ‘armchair experts’ spout their wealth of experience.

Guess I’ll have to try to keep in touch with developments more often.


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Calton cat caught (me)

If anyone has been watching me wandering around Calton (near The Barras area), they might have thought they’d found some nut. trying to follow a cat.

There’s a nice looking tortie (tortoiseshell or calico) cat I often come across down there, but while it doesn’t actually run away, it never stays still, or, to be more accurate, doesn’t stay still long enough to strike a photographic pose. It just vanishes through fences or gaps in walls, or manages to keep out of sight by wandering through the spaces between the wheelie bins.

It likes to sit on a window-ledge, probably staring at its humans to make them open it – so it can turn around and walk away!

But, more usual is for it to spot me, and start walking.

However, one night it was too busy staring in the window – and I finally got my pic!

Calton Cat

Calton Cat

But, being a cat, it knew I was there, and I ended up being caught too.



Let’s have a little fun with this one 🙂

Got You

Got You

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Today is Fudge Day

16 June is Fudge Day.

Fudge is a soft, smooth confectionery made by heating and mixing milk, butter and sugar (at the right temperature).

Like tablet and caramel, I favour fudge over toffee. It’s just so much nicer, and not tough, hard, or too keen to do an impression of super-glue against any teeth.

I also tend to prefer my fudge plain, but then again, a dash of chocolate never hurt anything.

That’s all.

Plain Fudge

Plain Fudge

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Today is World Juggling Day

16 June 2018 is World Juggling Day.

But be careful – this day is defined as the closest Saturday to 17 June in any year.

Find out more here World Juggling Day

While I have never been instructed in juggling, I guess I have to admit I have no natural aptitude for the skill.

On my own, I’ve tried the simplest hand-to-hand transfer, but have never been able to get the sequence or timing (or accuracy of throw/catch) consistent for anything like long enough to carry out anything approaching practice.

At this time of year (as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is releasing its programme), I do have advantage of being able to remember the original Archaos, and the great shows they brought to Edinburgh for a number of years (with a quick detour to Glasgow once), until various problems came together to end their run. But that’s another story.

There is (at last) a decent Archaos archive to be found.

And I might add, it includes the adverse coverage it was given as the ‘Holy’ cliques of Glasgow sought to have the show banned before it even arrived, basing their need to protect the good people of Glasgow from its filth and depravity – on the basis not of seeing the show, but on its publicity and hype.

Once they were give a private viewing – it was given the all-clear and went ahead.

The timing was right (1990s) for at least some of their antics to be featured online, and this short reminder does include a little bit of juggling, Archaos style.

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