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Today is Eat Your Vegetables Day

17 June is Eat Your Vegetables Day.

This one’s pretty obvious, so no explanation, other than to remind everyone that they’re the healthy option, and that there’s no need to make a fuss over them, or have them to the exclusion of all else.

I’ve never really understood the aversion to vegetables, even by children, and suspect much of this is down to portrayal in comics, and a means of defying the grown-ups, since turning down the veggies and refusing to eat them (as per the comic typecasting) seems to be an easy way to wind them up.

Since I never had this sort of nonsense take place in my life, I can say that a plate of assorted veggies is fine by me, with my only demand being that they are properly prepared, which for me means being cooked until they are soft and edible, NOT threatened with some hot water for a few seconds, given some fancy name, and served up raw and hard as bricks.

If that’s how they’re presented to kids, I don’t blame them for just saying ‘NO!’

Seriously, I’ve been served the assortment shown below, supposedly cooked, yet more like a plate of wood and bricks.

FORGET the nonsense about cooked vs raw veg, just prep it to be edible, and the arguments and complaints disappear.

Mixed Veg Meal

Mixed Veg Meal


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