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Weekly round-up: 17 June 2018

Bad start to the week, combining two of my sad observations – that you never know what sort of loony you might be next to in the street, and how smackheads will happily cause thousands in damage just to get something they can sell for a fiver.

Followed this case since it first appeared, these details make grim reading Man accused of cutting off disabled woman’s hand

A man has appeared in court accused of cutting off the hand of a woman in a wheelchair to steal her ring.

Prosecutors allege Stephen Brisbane, 33, severed Sandra McGowan’s right hand with a knife at her home in Dundee in February.

Mr Brisbane is accused of taking away the 62-year-old’s hand in order to steal her ring after entering her home uninvited.

At least detail in this ‘odd’ report render it understandable Man avoids jail after leaving dead aunt in bed for months

On a lighter note – Pity WordPress doesn’t show Twitter embeds – the canal mentioned is the Forth & Clyde…

Two drunk men sailing up the canal in a paddling pool. Beer in hand shouting abandon ship!

Depressing, I used to wander through this often Man’s body found in Glasgow park

Better start saving for a new car if you want to actually DRIVE into Glasgow city centre in the near future Older cars face Glasgow city centre ban

The sad thing about this story has to be the sanctimonious whining from Friends of the Earth Scotland (and Glasgow Labour as it attempts to score Political points and rubbish the incumbent SNP in that article), complaining about the level of pollution in Glasgow and lack of ambition in this plan. Where were all these concerned people a few decades ago when the streets of Glasgow were packed nose-to-tail with vehicles carrying little or no emission control measures? Compared to those days, the city is deserted most of the time (I know, I go there).

Sure, there can be busy spells, but they’re quite different from those days gone by. Today. When light go from red to green, the traffic clears between changes. Back then, traffic was so dense junctions seldom cleared.

I’m sorry, but for me, ALL the environmental groups have lost credibility through their alarmist claims. They really need to wind back and stop this, but I’m sure they never will. Like all lobbyists, they have to get noticed, and not being alarmist means not getting noticed by the media.

Interesting Glasgow urged to focus on pedestrians and public transport

Since I’m (apparently) not psychic, I didn’t know this ‘Connectivity Commission’ was appear the following day.

I’m intrigued by the comments about Glasgow’s ‘street grid’ and suggestions for ‘The expansion of walking and cycling areas’ – especially the claim that “the city’s grid system means there is far less space for pedestrians with 25% of land in the city centre taken up by roads, more than double the percentage in Edinburgh“.

I’m not suggesting it’s wrong, rather that I’d like to know what area was attributed to pedestrian space, and what was taken to be road. There are many lanes in that grid which are really only used for vehicle access, and I seldom see anyone (other than me) dare walk along them, although they are almost always deserted. Are these lanes counted as ‘road’, which means they are not counted as ‘pedestrian’.

The grid system APPEARS haphazard and poorly used or designed (as a one-way system) and I have often found myself cursing it when obliged to follow the rules of the road, feeling as if I am being sent on a ‘grand mystery tour’ just to get around a corner barred by a No Entry sign. They might as well close a number of those streets and hand them over to pedestrians, for all the difference it would make.



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