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Mackintosh video update – and what happened next door

Sad to say, comments on my Mackintosh observations are not going to be allowed.

While I’d quite like to see reasoned debate or consideration of developments, if you care to look at the comments area of ‘The Scotsman’ then you’ll see the usual scum and political morons see this as a place to publish their tripe.

I don’t have the time, and I definitely don’t have the patience, especially to deal with those who have not even had the courtesy to READ the current new reports before using my space for their nonsense.

So, today we were provided with a better video of the remains, which was both good and bad.

I see materials damaged by extreme heat (no surprise), and while I see worrying distortion in both heat affected steelwork and walls, some of this seems less extreme than it first appeared in videos taken while the fire was still in progress. While these need to be properly surveyed, seeing this fresh video has made me feel a little less concerned about the integrity of the remaining structure.

Aerial footage shows scale of the Glasgow School of Art fire

Watch: Drone footage shows aftermath of Glasgow School of Art fire

I have to confess to having little (or no) knowledge of the damaged building adjacent to the Mackintosh Building.

While I know some of the more well-known theatres and cinemas of Glasgow, I was never a patron, so those I know I only know from studying registers of buildings at risk or lost, or which I have come across by noting interesting architectural features which have led me to identifying their presence.

This article takes a closer look at the unfortunate venue.

Glasgow fire: How the O2 ABC entertained a city for 143 years

Although the headline of this article remains to be qualified on the basis of investigations and surveys of the damaged building, it does at least seem to indicate a consensus of positive opinion and cooperation between those who normally argue just for the sake it, regardless of whether the argument is sane or reasoned.

Glasgow Art School ‘will be saved’ after devastating fire

And finally, from today’s articles, possibly an example of what I alluded to in opening.

Despite clearly stating the criteria with respect to any public enquiry that may (or may not) be held regarding this fire, it seems that the message did not get across, nor did clarification regarding the status of a sprinkler system which was being installed as part of the work following the 2014 fire.

No backing from David Mundell for public inquiry into art school fire

Bearing in mind the fact that the fire service had to draw water from the Clyde, and the building’s location near the top of Garnethill, almost the highest point in Glasgow city centre, I wonder how effective and how long a sprinkler system would operate there.

Clearly, the head of water from the mains would be tending towards its lowest (meaning problems with supply pressure and volume, and I’m guessing this would mean dependence on water tanks to supply the system.

And that means the system could be time limited in its effectiveness, and operating duration.

I don’t suppose I’ll ever see it, but I would be interested in seeing the system spec, and what the installation’s stated aims were. To suppress a fire long enough to allow people to escape (ahead of the arrival of the fire service), or to control or even extinguish a fire before the service arrived.


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Dark night, white car

Another example of my ‘sort of’ favourite personalised registration style, this 2+2 (2 numbers and 2 letters) spotted on an 2014 Audi Q5.

I wonder if it reveals a secret?

We already know that moronic DJs can somehow become millionaires for doing nothing more than ruining music with their endless prattle and drivel as they jabber mindlessly over music tracks.

Given I caught this one outside a huge bingo hall, does ’23 BC’ suggest that Bingo Callers make a fortune for simply calling out the numbers on their balls?

2014 Audi Q5 [28 BC]

2014 Audi Q5 [28 BC]

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Today is Cherry Tart Day

19 June 2018 is Cherry Tart Day.

But be warned if you want to celebrate every year, this one wanders around the calendar is it is defined as falling on the third Thursday of every June.

I have to confess I avoided the cherry tarts in my local supermarket as they always seemed to have a surplus the were clearing.

I don’t know why, after I grabbed a few and found they were delicious, especially when combined with custard.

Cherry Tart With Custard

Cherry Tart With Custard

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Today is Garfield The Cat Day

19 June is Garfield The Cat Day.

Obviously, this one is not getting past without a mention.

Garfield was created by cartoonist Jim Davis and first appeared in a cartoon strip on 19 June 1978. Garfield’s ‘owner’ is Jon Arbuckle and his doggie friend is Odie.

Garfield Starts

Garfield Starts

Now known around the world, the comic strip is set in Muncie, Indiana, and has featured many topical subjects such as: obsessive eating, love for lasagne, and adverse reaction to Mondays. Davis basically took the human we don’t like discussing and anthropomorphised them with the help of our favourite ginger feline.

There could have been an IP (intellectual property) case!

(Probably would have needed too much effort.

Grumpy Garfield

Garfields Mondays

Garfields Mondays


Now I see why there wasn’t an IP case…

Garfield And Grumpy

Garfield And Grumpy

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