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Mackintosh Building S02

Oops – THAT was a mistake!

I thought the media coverage had died down yesterday, but was wrong.

The stories hadn’t dried up, and I found my news feed had decided to update during the late afternoon, rather than the evening (when all the had-working journos go home).

This could be a long post as I play ‘catch-up’ (who needs sleep anyway?)

I don’t think ANY of these articles have today’s date (20 June 2018) on them, so the main media seems done with this already.

The cordon around the buildings affected by the fire is to be reduced, but not removed, as the stability of the remaining structures is still under assessment, and stabilisation, or other work, may be required to make the area safe.

Just as well I can’t dash in for a quick look, visibility from the nearest streets is limited.

Glasgow School of Art cordon to be reduced following fire

Expect some waste-of-skin celebrities and PETA to arrive in Glasgow soon, protesting about the rights of all the rats displaced by the fire, and being victimised by nasty pest controllers, rather than given new homes and compensation for being disturbed.

More seriously, I found it intriguing to learn the cause of the displacement was attributed to the drains filling with water as the fire service fought to control the blaze.

Roaming rats reported after Glasgow Art School fire  

Both the preceding story, and the one referenced in the next link, are sad – because they already have a number of nearby business whining about lost business because of the fire, and how they could go under… if someone does not put money in their already outstretched sweaty hands.

No business continuity plans in place lads? Or suitable insurance?

My business was required to have this sort of thing in place, as our clients expected us to honour their contracts even if our premises vanished in the night.

Most of this article is disappointing.

Oh, there was one high point…

A cat also had to be rescued from a home after being stranded over the weekend.

Businesses fear trading hammer blow after Art School fire

Somebody is optimistic.

The chairwoman of the Glasgow School of Art board Muriel Gray says the building will be back, but it will just “take more time”.

Muriel Gray: Glasgow art school is going to come back

She could be busy.

A survey suggests that while there’s overall support for rebuilding the Mackintosh Building…

That support wants it to be done with ‘Magic Money’, with a half of the supporters saying public money should not be used, and only around a third of them prepared to dig into their own pockets and contribute.

Support for Art School rebuild but not at public expense

Looking at the numbers, which are of course wholly speculative at the moment, and given as a nebulous ‘Maybe at least £100 million’ for any (unspecified form of) rebuild, it’s interesting to compare today’s speculative rebuild cost (or even the £35 million of the last partial rebuild following the 2014 fire) with the original build cost at completion in 1909.

That was £40,000.

In term of today’s money, inflation makes that figure equivalent to something in the order of £4.5 million.

When completed in 1909, the bill came to £40,000.

More details on the building’s history and cost are given here.

Art School: Mackintosh’s masterpiece touched many lives – A brief history of the building dubbed ‘a work of art in which to make works of art’

I’m not suggesting there’s anything suspect in today’s cost, and anyone involved in the sort of restoration which is involved here already knows the problem is that the construction industry is vastly different today, with few skilled in the old methods.

Plus, in a project such as this, it’s not an empty site, but has to be cleared and made good before any actual construction can even be started.

I thought I’d run out of pics already, but found I had one from 2013 – so actually predates the problems.

Glasgow School of Art

Glasgow School of Art



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Destined to be bent for life

Unless it’s maybe a popular feature or attraction, I tend not to repeat stuff, but this one has earned its repeat.

I just noticed it’s a year and a half since I noted How being careful bent a bike rack

Since then I’ve passed this corner, shall we say, more than once.

That particular bike rack not only never appears to be straight, it also always seem to be at a different angle.

I can only guess that it’s just the right distance from the corner to get clobbered regularly.

What’s surprises me is not the assorted bendings, but that it has failed due to metal fatigue, from being bent one way and then pulled (sort of) straight afterwards.

There’s a thought – maybe its REAL purpose in life is to protect the second one!

If you cycle and want to avoid it – it’s near the corner of George Street and Albion Street.

Bendy Bike Rack

Bendy Bike Rack


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