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Loch Ness may get pumped hydro scheme

As an engineer who had to sit through lectures on this subject many years ago, any mention of hydro-electricity tends to attract my attention, especially pumped storage.

A pumped hydro storage scheme that would involve drawing water from Loch Ness could generate enough power for 400,000 homes, say its developers.

Hamilton-based Intelligent Land Investments (ILI) said the construction phase of its Red John project would create work for up to 300 people.

It has been proposed for a site south of Dores.

A 100m (328ft) underground “power cavern” and 2,650m-long (8,694ft) pipe would be built for the scheme.

Major hydro project proposed for Loch Ness

The scheme would involve pumping water between Loch Ness and a new upper head pond.

Pumped storage hydro is probably the largest and cleanest form of energy storage available at the moment.

Other forms of storage exist, and massive (gigawatt hour) have been commissioned, constructed, and are in service.

However, such things are not as scaleable as pumped storage.

Scotland was an early adopter of all forms of hydro power but… that means all the best sites were taken years ago.

But it could be that a modern take on the old idea (using newer technology) could utilise sites that were not considered practical in the past.

It’s also notable that a number of 19th century hydro schemes (not pumped storage) have been restored and returned to service in recent years.

Back to this scheme, and it’s worth bearing in mind that the description shows this is purely a pumped storage scheme, does not generate any power, only stores surplus which has been generated by others. This stored energy can then be released later, when required by demand.

It will be interesting to see if any naysayers turn up and rubbish this proposal, or make negative claims about its environmental effect.

Systems like this don’t need the huge areas and dams of hydroelectric power generation schemes (which have to collect water).

I’ll be watching.

ILI Pumped Storage - ILI Diagram

ILI Pumped Storage – ILI Diagram


Looks like more info appeared a little later.

Meet Red John – the Highland hydro scheme that could be a gamechanger for renewables

It’s intriguing to look at the comments after this item, and the stupid gripe raised over the use of the term ‘Renewable’ – and consider they neither read not understood the article.

I did, and nowhere does it state that pumped-storage is renewable.

It refers to how it can work with growing renewable resources – but since when did the odd fact ever influence those promoting their sad ‘anti-just-about-anything’ agenda?



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