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Polish shutter mural (gone)

Looking through some older wandering, I found this neglected shutter pic.

Obviously the shutter and shop sign have no connection – the sign came later, after the mural, which belonged to a Polish eatery on the Gallowgate.

Since then, I think at least two different eateries have occupied the shop, but I’m not sure of the current status as I don’t pass that way nowadays.

That said, I do know it was a bookie’s before all these better uses arrived.

I can’t recall seeing the sign without that ‘E’ missing – maybe it was never there (or was pinched/fell off very early in the sign’s life).

Gallowgate Polish Shutter Mural

Gallowgate Polish Shutter Mural

As an aside, it’s maybe interesting to note that Tesco has its own ‘Polish Bakery’ which provides quite a nice range of Polish recipe breads, under this brand label. I didn’t realise it was actually their own brand/bakery until recently.

Tesco Polish Bakery

Tesco Polish Bakery


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