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Mackintosh Building S06

While it’s not a bad end to the week, it’s not good.

As I predicted, from the post-fire drone videos of the remains, the Mackintosh Building suffered substantially greater damage to the remaining structure than some who chose to don ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ saw when they looked at the images.

There’s not really much more to say at this stage, mainly because the full extent of the damage is still to be properly evaluated, but at least the current operation has been termed ‘Dismantling’ as opposed to ‘Demolition’, which means that rather than just send the wreckers in, the building will taken down in an orderly manner.

Given the proximity to neighbouring buildings, and the nature of the site (on a steep hill), this was probably something that would have happened anyway, although perhaps with less care.

As I noted earlier, the lack of stormy weather and high winds, which we had until recently, was one positive aspect. Without that, the place could have come down on its own, or could have had to be toppled quickly on grounds of safety.

Parts of the Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh building are to be dismantled after it was ravaged by fire earlier this month.

Glasgow City Council said surveys had revealed substantial movement in the building’s walls and that a sudden collapse of parts of it was likely.

Work to partially dismantle sections of the building is expected to begin as a “matter of urgency”.

The building, which was completed in 1909, was gutted by fire on 15 June.

The city council said remote surveys and close-in surveys from baskets suspended from cranes above the charred remains of the structure had revealed more substantial movement in its walls than previously thought.

They have concluded that a sudden collapse of parts of the building was likely, rather than possible.

The statement said: “There is now a requirement to at least partially dismantle sections of the building as a matter of urgency.

Glasgow School of Art building to be ‘dismantled’

As noted in this next report, the problem could be what happens as material is removed.

Parts of the Glasgow School of Art are to demolished amid fears it’s likely to collapse.

Work is due to start on dismantling sections of the Mackintosh building on Renfrew Street after it was destroyed by a fire earlier this month.

It’s feared the site will partially collapse, causing bricks to fall and stones to roll downhill into other buildings.

The west gable of the building has continued to deteriorate while the east has continued to move outwards.

Contractors will start the demolition work, described as a “matter of urgency”, on the eastern side of the site.

Glasgow City Council’s head of building control Raymond Barlow said: “This building has undergone substantial stress in recent days.

“With each passing day a sudden collapse becomes more likely. It has become urgent that we take down the south façade.

“As the process begins it will be likely that the other walls will also need to be reduced.

“We do not know what effect this will have on the rest of the building so I have to be clear this site remains dangerous and is becoming more dangerous.

Art School to be partially demolished amid collapse fears

The real disappointment lies in the comment areas, which are an embarrassment to Scotland.

While I can understand that not everyone is a ‘fan’, and that it’s fine for those not interested who wish to pass a reasonable opinion, or not want to offer support, I can’t say the same of those who have sought to make political capital out of this incident (eg referring to the Scottish Government, Unionist, Nationalists, Separatists etc as the cause of the blaze), or those who clearly have hate issues and see this as another opportunity to inflict their sickness on the rest of us, and post mindless comments calling for the destruction of the site.

And I still can’t go for a pic of my own, so I;m afraid I can’t offer any sort of illustration.


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Glasgow’s Miles Better – Nope, Glasgow Smiles Better in this old sign

“Glasgow’s Miles Better” was a publicity campaign launched in the city in 1983, and was marked being one of the few that proved universally popular (forget the few Mr Grumpies), probably because it was fun and featured Mr Happy as its lead character.

It’s still referred to fondly when mentioned many years later.

There are reminders to be found, and I came across one by accident recently.

I had no idea I even had this example, and just spotted it on the edge of a pic taken of something completely different and unrelated.

As you will be able to see, this is not a new sign and has suffered over time, with the lower half of the cheery character having been lost at some time.

Not part of the original campaign, it avoids infringing the rights of that one by NOT using Mr Happy AND rewording the original catchphrase.

Old Glasgow Smiles Better Sign

Old Glasgow Smiles Better Sign

I’ve since found this guy has a twin, but he’s not fared much better over the years, and lost his hair when the floodlights over this sign were pulled down – I guess that same assault all those years ago explains where the guy above lost his ‘nether regions’. That’s a new LED floodlight over him. Those didn’t even exist when this sign went up!

The other twin.

Glasgow Smiles Better Twin

Glasgow Smiles Better Twin

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The illegals – NA55 ZOO

Slightly rare, but still not going to guarantee immunity from Mr Traffic Cop if in a bad mood, I can’t say I’ve tripped over many Dodge Nitro’s while wandering around.

This 2009 example has a doubly illegal ‘NA55ZO O’ arrangement of its characters, so has naughty spacing by losing the group spacing, and a space in the 3 letter group. I guess it’s meant to be a name and initial.

Since I didn’t really know anything about it, I fired up Auto Express’s review, and while it’s never going to challenge a BMW X5, it seems to have come out surprisingly well, with the biggest downside being a lack of interior space given its overall size.

2009 Dodge Nitro 2.8 [NA55 ZOO]

2009 Dodge Nitro 2.8 [NA55 ZOO]

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Today is Camera Day

29 June is Camera Day.

Insert history of the camera from 1825 (taken to be the date of the first known heliograph, or photograph) until today. (That was easy 🙂 ).

It’s probably also worth mentioning the standardisation of JPEG and MPEG in 1988, a surprisingly smart move which allowed images and video files to be compressed for storage.

Just imagine if this had seen the same stupidity as befell video, which eventually settled on VHS, but there had been Betamax, 8 mm video, V2000, and others most people were fortunate never to have heard of. And that’s forgetting the separate world of professional video which had even more ‘standards’.

I’ve got far too many cameras lying around now.

I thought I could be done with this nonsense after buying my (film) Canon A1. This had all the modes, and manual of course, and unlike many others, steered clear of silly toys like programming cards, barcode readers, and other modes that sound great, but are useless in the real world. With a small Olympus zoom pocket camera, and a good 110 on hand if I need something small I thought I was covered.

I’d even collected a couple of really REALLY small Minox ‘spy’ cameras for special occasions.

Of course, that didn’t last, and things kicked off again when genuine autofocus arrived, so the lot ended up being retired and replaced, this time Canon EOS.

Still not done, as digital photography arrived, and we were off again.

I’ve run through compact cameras, bridge cameras, and eventually dSLRs, with the latter not being ‘collected’ until the price became reasonable – there were times I thought it was never going to come down, but dSLRs did reach mass production levels, and the price fell appropriately.

The good news these days is the tech has become fairly mature, so the improvements are marginal, meaning that ‘new model’ envy doesn’t mean a lot if you are more interested in taking a decent picture than having the latest gadget.

It’s a while since I saw anything that would significantly better what I have at the moment – and even (independent) professionals who review new models are suggesting that if you have the ‘old’ model, there’s little point in dumping it for the latest version.


Nikon Cat

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