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Glasgow’s Miles Better – Nope, Glasgow Smiles Better in this old sign

“Glasgow’s Miles Better” was a publicity campaign launched in the city in 1983, and was marked being one of the few that proved universally popular (forget the few Mr Grumpies), probably because it was fun and featured Mr Happy as its lead character.

It’s still referred to fondly when mentioned many years later.

There are reminders to be found, and I came across one by accident recently.

I had no idea I even had this example, and just spotted it on the edge of a pic taken of something completely different and unrelated.

As you will be able to see, this is not a new sign and has suffered over time, with the lower half of the cheery character having been lost at some time.

Not part of the original campaign, it avoids infringing the rights of that one by NOT using Mr Happy AND rewording the original catchphrase.

Old Glasgow Smiles Better Sign

Old Glasgow Smiles Better Sign

I’ve since found this guy has a twin, but he’s not fared much better over the years, and lost his hair when the floodlights over this sign were pulled down – I guess that same assault all those years ago explains where the guy above lost his ‘nether regions’. That’s a new LED floodlight over him. Those didn’t even exist when this sign went up!

The other twin.

Glasgow Smiles Better Twin

Glasgow Smiles Better Twin


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  1. I remember the slogan, but not the original Mr Happy logo. Am I right in thinking that “Glasgow’s Miles Better” was also the slogan the year it became European City of Culture?


    Comment by Wednesday's Child | Jun 30, 2018

  2. I mentioned the original ‘Miles Better’ in the past, such as:

    Unfortunately, scummy Photobucket has killed the image that was in that post, and I can’t lay hands on it quickly for an update.

    The European City of Culture began in 1990 (Glasgow was the first), so was only seven years after the ‘Miles Better’ campaign had started, and it was still all over the place, although had no connection with the City of Culture stuff,

    See what happened later, when the campaign really was revived:


    Comment by Apollo | Jun 30, 2018

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